Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strike One!

I am NOT very happy with Animas today.


When I talked to the rep on Friday, she assured me the pump would be here today. It is now 7pm and NO PUMP! I called Animas and spoke to a really nice man, who explained to me that there was a delay.

DELAY?!?! What do you mean, DELAY?

Something happened in processing, it's not UPS's fault this time. It's stuck in the processing department and the best we can do is overnight it to you tomorrow and you will not get it until Thursday.


Do you realize the inconvenience this has now caused? I called and made an appointment with our CDE for pump training at 9:30am and our Endo appointment is at 1:15pm. We live 45 minutes from the sattelite Children's Hospital and if we miss this training then we have to drive to the big hospital which is an hour and a half away (on a good day with no traffic!) GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Plus this means I have to cancel the appointment and now the office is closed and our CDE drives 45 minutes to meet us at the other hospital. This inconveniences everyone all the way around. It also means Kacey will miss another day of school.


He assured me they were very sorry and I'd be called by a rep in the morning that could let me know what happened. I agreed and hung up. I turned to a very sad 11 year old that had tears streaming down her face. "Mommy, my pump isn't coming today is it?"
"So that means I won't be hooked up tomorrow?"
"So when will it be here?"
"Thursday, I promise! But that means you have time to give Goober more kisses and we can prepare for pump training."
***try and keep it positive Jill!***

I smiled and hugged her and told her she'd have some more time to think of a name too! She's changed her mind a few times and she said she would decide when she finally has her pump in her hands.

So for now...it's hurry up and wait! C'mon Animas! We're not starting out on the right foot here!

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