Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Report Card Fail see it? There it black and white. See it? That's what Kacey's A1c was this morning. can close your mouth from the shock anytime now. I wasn't shocked. I knew it was going to be bad. Her doc knew it was going to be bad. But you know what? I'm ok with it.

Yes, before you bash me let me explain. We've struggled with a balance. The doctor is well aware of the struggle because we email blood sugars in each week and we get help with changes but it seems that hormones and growth spurts are maxing out. Kacey is now 5'1" and 152 pounds. She's grown again and she's remained the same in her weight. Her body is certainly changing (thanks puberty!) and diabetes is rearing it's ugly face with it all. We knew that. We expected the high. I saw it in her numbers! 

Now what do we do to change it?

The doctor adjusted basals...again! We also changed her carb ratio to see if that helps. Unfortunately with Cozmo, the logbook doesn't break things down as good as the others do so we'll make better adjustments once we get the new pump. Only a few more days!!

For those of you with little kids....if you think the growth spurts are bad now...just wait til hormones and puberty hit! You'll be pulling your hair out!!!!

I'm very thankful for a doctor that is compassionate enough to tell us, "We know you're doing all you can do. You're a great parent and we know you're staying on top of it. I can see Kacey is testing enough. She's bolusing before every single meal. But sometimes when they hit puberty things get a little wonky but we'll work though it." ......YES we will! We will get through this and we will see that A1c come back down.

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Anonymous said...

Nope - no fails.
When I took my logs in to my pump trainer back when I was learning to pump, I marked one with a big "F." She promptly added a line and changed it to an "A" for effort.