Monday, January 17, 2011

Ornapods & Lows

I think we're finally out of the "low funk" that Kacey's body decided to take us through.

We had a VERY long night on Saturday night. When Kacey went to bed she was a 125 with no IOB so she had a snack, milk and a graham cracker, and bolused for it. Off to bed she went! It was already almost 11pm since we visited with some friends so I knew the 2am check wasn't very far off. Frankie said he would set his clock so I could have some rest since I had done the 2am checks all week. It didn't take long for me to doze! I never heard his alarm go off at 2am but I was jolted out of the bed by a shout from the other room..."Mumma! She's a 62!" C-R-A-P! I jumped out of bed and totally bypassed Kacey's doorway and went right to the kitchen for the juice. C-R-A-P! Omg! You mean I FORGOT to get another gallon of Hawaiian Punch?!?! (insert forehead smack here) I poured the last of the juice into a cup and hurried to her room. She was still in a daze but we managed to get her to suck from the straw. ***15 minutes later*** Retest...56! Are you freakin kidding me?!?! Give her 4 glucose tabs while I rummage through the frig to find something to give her. UGHHHH! I can't believe I forgot juice! I managed to find 2 Kool-aid koolers in the bottom drawer. YES! I ran back to her room with one in my hand. ***15 minutes later*** Retest...62! SERIOUSLY?!?! Well...Daddy knows what that means...LOL...he gets kicked out of our bed and moved to Kacey's bed and she gets moved into bed with me so I can keep an eye on her until she comes up over 150. By now it's nearing 2:45am and I struggle to keep my eyes open. Thank goodness there was something on TV! I didn't get her above 150 until after 4am. I set the clock to retest her at 5am. I dozed for that hand on her chest so I could feel it rise and fall....***5am test***...305! REALLY?!?! Ugh! So I corrected her and I knew I could grab at least 2 hours of sleep. So 7am rolled around and she had come back into range and I snuggled back in the covers and at 10am, I was awaken by "Mumma! Breakfast is ready!" I rolled over to see my hubby standing there with 2 plates, one for me and one for Kacey. I could smell coffee already and I stumbled to the kitchen where I saw Kayleigh washing up the rest of the dishes that were in the sink and she had made a whole pot of coffee. Ahhhhhhhh! That was soooo needed! As much as I wanted to be in church, there was no way I could even function to drive myself. Sunday...a day of rest! And that is exactly what I made it. I spent the whole day in bed...watching movies and scrapbooking. It was actually pretty nice. The one thing I'm so greatful for...Kacey was able to rest the entire night. Even though she was low, I was the one taking care of her so she was able to sleep and she didn't budge during all those checks. But she couldn't understand WHY I was so tired? LOL! If she only knew! :)

We also received a very special surprise in the mail. The Houston Family from Houston We Have A Problem blessed us with 2 Ornapods for our tree next year.

Kacey was soooo excited to get such a special present! These ornaments are not just ornaments! They were attached to Super Nate for 3 days to keep him alive! For us, that has such special meaning. Kacey sat there with the pods in her hands and she smiled and then she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "Mommy, these are so special." and she clutched them to her chest and hugged them. So from the bottom of my heart (and hers)....THANK YOU HOUSTON FAMILY! We will hang them with pride each year and say a silent prayer for a cure. We love you bunches!


Reyna said...

UGH on the LOW night Jill!!!

And...awesome on the breakfast in bed and COFFEE!!! WOOT. I hope Kacey's numbers have been cooperating since.


Rachael said...

Glad to hear things are looking better! Lows are YUCK!!! Hang in there! :)