Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Herbie

It's so hard to believe that a year has passed so fast! This time, one year ago, Herbie arrived at our house in a bright colored Cozmo box. It was instant friendship and a bond that I knew we were not going to break. Just 2 weeks after Herbie arrived, we got the announcement that Cozmo was going under. We tried to convince her to send him back but there was NO way she was parting with her new "bodyguard". I'm glad we kept him! Herbie has made life so much easier for Kacey. It allowed her the freedom that she'd lost the prior 9 months. She was very responsible and independent with her diabetes from the very beginning and having Herbie was no different. The only time she wants my hands on him is when she's low or during the middle of the night. I remember having these feelings about "I don't want my child being connected to something all the time." ...."Will it hinder her life?" ...."Will it get in the way?" many things ran through my head as a parent and now....the pump is the best decision we ever made! Herbie is just like another body part to her. She doesn't mind being "connected" and she actually feels like something is wrong when she's not connected.

So today we say....HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERBIE! :) We love you!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Herbie!!! I remember when you came into Kacey's life and changed it for the good!!! So glad she has you!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Herbie!