Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun Day- Low Night

I'm looking down at the clock on my little blue tool bar and it's reading 1:04am. Why am I up, you ask? Because we're battling our first middle-of-the-night lows with Kacey. Of course, she's sleeping through most of it! Why is she dropping, you ask? all started with a day full of fun and roller coasters at Busch Gardens.
Today was Frankie's day off and it was also the first day that Sesame Street rides opened at Busch Gardens. We tried to time our visit around meals because the prices for food have gone up so much! We got up around 7:30am and had breakfast. The girls layed around watching TV and then they packed a lunch to take on the drive over. We left at 11am and they ate on the way. Kacey tested and was a 193. Ahhh gotta love the excitement! So by the time we got in the park, it was around 11:45am and Kacey was ready to ride the rides. Our first stop was the Sesame Street Forest of Fun.I'm so glad Busch Gardens finally made a place in the park for the kids that are between the kiddie rides and adult rides. The day was blessed with amazing weather and NO lines! A perfect day at an amusement park is one you can get off a roller coaster and run right back on for a second time. It was like that all day long!
Shortly after we got there, we met up with Kayleigh's best friend, Emily. She's been friends with Emily since the 6th grade. They met going into middle school and stayed very close friends through 8th grade. Then we got the sad news that Emily was moving to Portugal. Her family is military and this was really hard on Kayleigh. We had a going away party for her last June. Over the last year, it's been an interesting year for Kayleigh starting high school and her best friend being so far away. They have only had communication through MySpace because Emily had such a difficult time leaving and every time she picked up the phone to call Kayleigh, she'd get choked up and couldn't call. Well last Saturday, Emily and her family decided to surprise everyone and flew back to VA! Last weekend, Kayleigh got to spend time visiting with Emily and they got to spend the whole day at Busch Gardens today. They leave to go back to Portugal on Tuesday and I know it's going to be a day of tears!
The day went really good and then around 3:30pm, Kacey started saying she didn't feel too well. She'd just gotten off one of the big roller coasters and I thought maybe that was what stirred her up. I tested her and she was a 370! Wow! So we got her some water and walked around. By 4pm, she was really looking exhausted and she said she felt low. I checked her and she was a 117. Geesh that was a BIG drop! So we decided she had done enough for the day and we'd gone though the whole park. We had one more stop over at Sesame Street to find Elmo! Kayleigh finally got her picture with him. By the time we got out to the car, Kacey was dragging. She got in and we got out of the parking lot and she says "I think I'm really low this time!" So she tests... 48!!! Yikes! So she ate 4 glucose tabs and waited 15min... 422!! Holy high numbers! We can't win today :( I told her not to correct and we'd see what happened by the time we got home. It's only a 30min drive and I knew we'd be having dinner soon. So we got home, got dinner thrown together and she tested... 63! Ughhhhhh...she's back down again! Instead of bolusing for the 65 carbs, I made her bolus for 55 carbs and told her we'd see what happened. An hour later, she tells me she feels sick. Ok...real sick or diabetes sick? Her head is hurting, feet are hurting, and she looks like she's exhausted! She tells me it's diabetes sick so we test...328! Dang it! She's ping ponging off the walls. By 8pm, she was down to a 221. I decided to check her at 10pm since I was going to bed... 149. Hmmm, Frankie agreed to do the 2am check but I was scared to go that long since I knew she was falling. At 12am, he woke me up (Good thing he did because I was dreaming that I had just been diagnosed with diabetes and they were giving me a pump but it was the size of the 1st insulin pump ever made, back pack size, and I was telling the nurse it was too heavy ...haha! Gotta love those brains!) So Frankie got up to test her and he came back in... it's a 77, now what? I'd started to doze and I sprung up out of the bed... 77?!?! It's 12am and shes a 77!! Crap! So instead of trying to wake her up for glucose tabs, I just got a juice box. She drank it and made faces the whole time...but she was half asleep. Wait 15min....restest.... 70!! Grrrrrr how can she drink juice and drop 7? So now it's time to give her those glucose tabs. I wake her enough to get her to chew.... 2 tabs (dont want her hitting 400 again)...wait 15min....retest... 111. Well thats a little better. So here I am, wide awake and I've gotten up from here twice to check on her. I just did another check and shes a 153 so I guess I can lay back down and bypass the 2am check. It's 1:45am and I guess I'll get back up at 3am to check.
This is really scary! I kept thinking...what if we hadn't of gotten up at 12am? What if we'd waited til 2am and she had no juice and was falling as fast as she did? Those thoughts were flooding my head and it has me so scared that I don't want to go back to sleep! It's times like this where I can honestly see where CGM's come in handy. I'm gonna go lay down and turn the TV on and maybe catch an hour sleep before the next check.
More update in a little while....


Shamae said...

Days like that can be difficult. At the diabetes expo this year we learned that up to 12 hours after exercising it can cause lows...your body reacting after the fact. I was going to mention you guys keep alchohol swabs in Kacey's pack? I've noticed that sometimes if I don't clean Syd's fingers first, she gets high readings when she isn't actually high. She just has stuff on her fingers that increase her numbers. Anyway just thought I'd mention that.

Those lows in the middle of the night are scary because they can't feel them! That is one plus of the CGM. It is scary too because if they have had a big day, you can't predict what will happen. I've had nights where I've stayed up most of it because she has been so low. Hope the rest of your night went well and you got some rest! Enjoy your Saturday!!!

marie said...

I, I'm a 24 years old type 1and I've been reading your blog for a little while now. I must say I'm really impressed by you commitment and your will to do well.
I just wanted to tell you not to worry too much about the night low (even if it's really hard). By experience I can tell you that a bad low would wake her up (they always wake me up), so yes she'll feel sweaty and shaky, but she will wake up, and that's the most important part, isn'it?
Best of luck to you, Kacey and you family.

Rachel said...

First let me say how nice the pictures are! Looks like a wonderful day. :)

As for the roller coaster of blood sugar numbers, I don't have much to say :( It happens with Tristan also and they are so stressful and frustrating. It's horrible when you give them juice, expecting their blood sugar to go up and instead, it does the opposite!!

Hang in there, hopefully you got a little more sleep.

Amy said...

Wow- Kacey DID ping-pong back and forth! We've had days like that with Jada and it's so dang frustrating! grrr... Often times a juice box will do nothing for her.....and glucose tabs will get her high briefly, but then she tumbles so quickly! So frustrating- it's so much work to keep a close eye on them! I hope your Saturday was enjoyable and restful! Hugs to you and Kacey!

Wendy said...

I miss your neck of the woods!!!

It looks like you guys had great fun...sorry to hear about those crazy numbers!!!

Jill said...

Shamae~ Yes I keep those alcohol pads everywhere and when we are someplace that she can't wash her hands then we use those.

Marie~ Thank you so much for the nice compliment. I'm always so scared that she is going to go low and NOT wake up and we won't hear her (which is why we have the baby monitors) Bad lows will wake you up?

Rachel~ Thanks so much!

Amy~ It's very frustrating how juice will do nothing but glucose tabs will. I'm just glad she can chew them!

Wendy~ I sooooo wish you were in our neck of the woods! The girls would have so much fun :D Not to mention the "babysitter" you'd have ;) LOL!

Penny said...

I'm sorry about all the ping-ponging sugars. I know too well how frustrating they can be.

And, I wanted to comment on what Marie said. Not everyone that has a low will wake up. Just like everything else with this disease it is all individualized. Riley has had several lows (some in the 30s and 40s) in the middle of the night and he has NEVER woken up because of them. They were all caught by me getting up and testing in the middle of the night.