Thursday, April 2, 2009

Banana Split Party

Today was the last day of school before Spring Break (Yayyyyy!) and Kacey's class had their big Banana Split Party. This wasn't just any party! For the last 2 months, the entire 3rd grade has been learning their multiplication facts through 12. The incentive to learn them was awesome! Each child was given a picture of a banana split. It was hung in the hallway and for each level they passed, they got to color in that part of the picture.

So... If you passed
0's and 1's - Ice cream bowl
2's- Spoon
3's- Banana
4's- 1 scoop of ice cream
5's- another scoop of ice cream
6's- another scoop of ice cream
7's- chocolate syrup
8's- caramel syrup
9's- strawberry syrup
10's- whipped cream
11's- sprinkles
12's- cherry

As you can see this was an excellent way to get the kids to learn their multiplication facts. Every day they were given a sheet of multiplication problems and they had one minute to complete them and get them all right. I made Kacey flash cards and we used those to practice every night. When she got the flu a few weeks ago, she got behind but she quickly caught up and then she got stuck on her 12's. She's been pushing hard to pass them and as of yesterday, she hadn't passed them. She was sick on Mon & Tues and didn't go to school and then when she went back to school yesterday, she still wasn't feeling well so I didn't think she'd pass them. When I met her at lunchtime, she was thrilled to tell me "I PASSED MY 12's!" (**sigh**) Why do I sigh? Well as much as I was thrilled she passed the tests, I knew that the reward was going to be a challenge! She would be getting a banana split with EVERYTHING! So how do you bolus for something like that? Ummmm guess? Thats exactly what I did. I looked at the carbs for everything she was getting on her ice cream and then I had to guess at the amount of carbs she actually had. She sat down on the grass with her ice cream and discreetly checked her blood sugar while the rest of her friends dove into their bowls. She looked up at me with a grumpy face, which I knew wasn't good. She handed Herbie to me for me to see that icky 336 staring at me with "Check ketones" right under it. I winked at her and told her I'd take care of it :) I bolused for 60 carbs and gave her a correction and then it was a waiting game with lots of prayers hoping I was right. I didn't go too far, just in case she bottomed out. Three hours later...test....wowwwwwww 133! I did it! I got it right! YAHOOOOOOOOOO! I just love days when I guess right and things work out the way they are sopposed to :) She enjoyed the ice cream and I dosed her right...what a great start to Spring Break! She was so happy she got to participate in the party and we're even more thankful Herbie was there to bring her sugar down. We never could have dosed right with shots!

The boy in the background is the son of some friends of ours. Him & Kacey were best friends when they were toddlers and through preschool.

LOL...melted mush in a bowl!


Wendy said...

WOW!! That looks like SO MUCH fun :) Once again, way to go TEAM KACEY!!!

Now I'm feeling hungry...wonder why...

Cody Turner said...

Yay for Kacey, Herbie and Mom. What a great team the 3 of you make.

Darling16 said...

Don't you feel like you have just won a big competition between you and big "D"! LOL! I myself feel like jumping for joy when I have to "guess" the amount of carbs for my daughter and I get it right!

Amy said...

Woohoo Kacey for multiplication facts and YAY for you Jill! I'm right there with ya on the carb guessing--good job!!

Shamae said...

Yay!! Great job!! That is a great feeling when you guess right!! Way to go and she looks like one happy little girl!!

Cara said...

Sometimes you just have to do it, even w/ a high like that. :) I completely understand. And good job on the guessing.
I'm an expert guesser. :D
Go Kacey! I'm so happy you passed your test!