Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Why does life have to be so complicated?

I'm more torn now than ever and I just want whats best for Kacey. There were more tears before bed last night and more tears before school this morning. Kacey is really greiving over Herbie and this just isn't fair! I hate seeing her so hurt! I hate the fact that we're spose to be rejoicing and be happy that we're shot-free now and it's nothing but tears and sadness!

I put in a call to Smith's Medical today. This is the first time I've had to dial that 1-800 number. On the other end was one of the nicest ladies I'd ever spoken with, Sherry @ ext 7962 (just in case you need great customer service). I explained the dilemma we were in and she completely understood and while she couldn't suggest we go with another company, she continued to reassure me that Cozmo would DEFINATELY honor the warranty and if something happened to Herbie then we could get a replacement pump without any problems for the next 4 years. We could also still get replacement parts (caps) and supplies. She continued to reassure me that they would not leave us without a pump. She gave me the number to her direct line and she told me to call our doctor and tell them what she'd told me and see what they say. If they still recommend we go with a different pump then she will be more than happy to send out the return kit for it. I hung up with her and called our CDE and left a message with her. I told her what Sherry had said and that we were seeking advice from them and we'd go with whatever Dr. R suggested we do. So I'm waiting for her to call back.

This whole situation just sucks! My heart and gut are telling me to keep Herbie. My head is wondering what is to come in the next 4 years. My head also says, if they say they will honor the warranty and they made a website to reassure customers that they would, then they can't back out of that. If you're in a binding agreement and they say they will replace the pump if something breaks within that 4 years, then by law they would have to and I can only imagine the lawsuits that would take place if they didn't. My head is also not read for the process of going back through the stupid insurance! We have Herbie....he belongs to Kacey now...and to send him back and wait for another pump makes my head spin and hurt because I know what a hassle it is going to be. We love Herbie! We loved him before we even got him! We love the freedom he has given her! Kacey is totally secure with the fact that Herbie beeps at her 15min after she is low and 2 hours after she is high to remind her to retest. She doesn't have to rely on an adult to tell her and she can rest while she waits for him to beep and she doesn't have to watch the clock. I love that she can disconnect and know she will get the basal to cover her during that time. I love that her meter is connected and we don't have to worry about digging to find a meter because it's right there! I love the IOB feature and how the pump figures everything out for me. My days of carrying a calculator in every coat pocket are gone! I love how kid-friendly it is and how fast Kacey learned to dose herself. Herbie does all the work and we're so thankful to have this technology in our hands :) So yes, my head is telling me to send him back....but my heart says "Jill, don't do it because you're gonna be sorry!" I hate feeling like this!
I spoke with Frankie about it last night. He didn't even wanna look at the other pump stuff. He thinks we should stick with Herbie and hold them to the fact that it's under warranty for 4 years. I called him after I called our CDE and told him what Smith's told me and he said "See! I told you we just need to stick with them!"
So now I sit and wait... wait for the call back to tell me what I should do....


Wendy said...

LONG LIVE HERBIE!!! I have complete faith that Addy's warranty will be honored.

Smiths is a company MUCH bigger than insulin pumps...I seriously do NOT feel that they would risk jeopardizing the oustanding repuation they have with the rest of the healthcare market!

:) Tracie said...

Jill, this stinks for your family, these phone conversations and distress are no good for you guys. The phone call with Sherry yesterday seems on the mark. Though I would be concerned as well if we were going through this, I would hang on to Herbie. Maybe get something in writting that states the warranty and coverage in reguards to the situation?
I can't imagine they would send out a pump with full knowledge of discontinuing, without making sure those current patients are well accounted for in their companies future. I believe they are fully aware of the value of life and wouldn't jeopardize that. Do you know the kind of lawsuits they'd be up against? I'd believe Sherry and then inform your CDE that you're sticking with Herbie!
That way you can stress out 4 years from now when you NEED to change.

type1mom said...

Just as you never thought you couls love another child more than your first, you will love another pump just the same. They all have similar features, you wont realize that until you research them and have the rep come out to your home to show you. Our Medtronic does all the same things Herbie does, with the exception of the attached meter and food database.

Just think, send him back now and you wont be grieving again in 4 years. Or, just go with the flow for 4 years and worry about it then. (hugs) sorry you are facing such a delimma.

Hannah said...

Do some more research, talk to your doc and then go with your gut. Good luck!!