Monday, March 30, 2009

Sick Day

It was a long night!

Kacey went to bed very fussy. She was getting really stuffy and then she had a breakdown over Herbie. "Mommy, he won't lay right!" He was in her pocket of her jammies and so we finally got him taken care of (which I'll post about later). She was asleep by 10pm...I set the alarm for 2am...but something told me I was in for a long night! Frankie agreed to do the 2am check but that didn't happen without waking me up! Kacey was crying with her throat and he brought her in to me and handed me the flashlight for me to see if it was red....LMAO! Ummmm yes she had a sore throat, she was feeling miserable and all she did was cry. I got her back to bed and settled her in with a glass of ice water. Sugar check... 146. Hmm well at least Herbie was doing his job! Just as I finally dozed back off...3:25am... *tap* *tap* *tap* Daddy? Daddy Are you there? LOL Kacey was talking in the baby monitor and Frankie never budged. I waited to see what she would do. (whisper) Daddy? DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! When she yelled in the baby monitor, he came to his feet! (hee-hee) I layed there quietly to see how he handled it. He stumbled to her room and I could hear them mumbling followed by footsteps. Yep, she was back in my room. I got her calmed down and walked her back to her bed. I drug myself back to bed. I layed back down and let out a huge sigh.... 3:45am. By 5:15am, she was back up again and this time she ended up in my bed and we kicked Daddy out to the couch (LOL!) I knew she wouldn't be going to school today so I covered her back up and she went on to sleep. I got her an appointment at 10:45am. Diagnosis....the start of a sinus infection! He gave her a prescription for Zithromax so hopefully she'll start feeling better soon! She's gone back to sleep for now.

Grrrrrr! This just pisses me off because she was just sick a few weeks ago. Every single day when I take her to school, I watch parents bring their kids into school or the kids get off the bus and they are sick enough that they should have been kept home. Parents send their kids to school with everything from sniffles and coughs to kids getting off the buses with fevers and vomiting. This makes me so mad because it's kids like this that expose my child to germs that could be avoided! Just last week, a parent brought her child into the school and you could look at the child and see the child was sick. Cheeks were flush and I could almost bet you the child had a fever then. The Mom made it a point to tell other parents standing there that her child was sick but she had to go to work and for them to just call her if the child got worse. WHAT?!?! By 11am, the child had a 103 fever and went home. Ummm...aren't they contagious when they have the fever? UGH! Don't get me wrong, I know that germs are out child is going to get sick...but I keep my child HOME when she's sick. But then, we're the parents to get the letter telling us our daughter is in jeopardy of failing because she's missed 11 days of school. I know we are exempt from this but the reason she missed those days was from illness and I was being a responsible parent and keeping her away from other kids while she was sick! So it's a catch 22...either you send them to school when they are sick and they get counted present for the keep them home and risk them failing the year!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Poor thing! I hope she's feeling better soon.

I had to laugh at her bringing in the flashlight, and especially at her startling daddy awake through the monitor! Haha!!

K Groenbeck said...

I'm with you on the lol about your husband "handling" it. I'm in the same boat. Isn't it amazing that they always want Mom when they are sick. My husband can't seem to get up at night either to do any of the tests. A recent case of strep and an ear infection had me up every 2 hours checking ketones. Kaitlyn missed a week of school because she had to do BG checks and ketone checks every two hours and the school said she had to stay home, it would be to disruptive to her learning to leave class that often.
I enjoy reading your blog. My daughter, Kaitlyn 12, was diagnosed April 3 last year. Her and I talk about how strange this year has been. We have learned a lot, just as you have. I'm so impressed with Kacey and the way she is handling it.
I hope she feels well soon, I agree about the parents that send sick kids to school, they have no idea how sick our kids get with a simple cold. Take care, and I'll think about you when I am up checking blood sugars tonight. :)
Kathy Groenbeck
Davenport, Iowa

Rachel said...

Feel better soon Kacey! I share with frustration with sick kids in school. Tristan was also home sick today and honestly even if it hadn't messed with his diabetes, I wouldn't of dreamed of sending him to school. He would have been miserable.

I'm thinking that I need to put a baby monitor under my husband's pillow.... see what that does LOL :)

Jill said...

Scott~ I really wanted to bust out laughing when she screamed in the baby monitor but I muffled it with the pillow. After all...she was calling Daddy, not Mommy so I didn't have to get up, right? HAHAHA!

Kathy~ Thanks for visiting my blog :) It's definately been a year of lots of ups and downs! (BTW, tell your daughter Happy 1 year D-Anniversary this Friday!) Do you have a blog as well? :) I hate to be the "Daddybasher" and normally I do everything without too much fuss but when I'm not feeling well (cold/PMS/stress) then it all seems to just pile up and I feel like I'm moving in slow motion and can't get myself together. All I want is for him to just get up without me asking him to and just deal with it. Thats what I do...just deal with it! LOL! By the time I tell him what to do, I could have just done it myself without any fuss. But a weekend off here and there would mean alot :) I don't want to come across like taking care of her is a burden, it's not, it's my job...but sometimes we get exhausted and just need a break and thats where I am right now :)

Rachel~ LOL @ the baby monitor thought! Hahaha I know my hubby is regretting the fact that he asked for it to be put on his side of the bed when we got them
***giggles an evil giggle***
I must say they've been a lifesaver though. We got a cheap set when we came home from the hospital so we could hear if something was wrong. We have it on her nightstand with her lamp and she doesn't realize that you can hear everything and she picks it up and talks into it like a walkie talkie but she whispered into it and when he didnt answer she yelled...HAHAHA!