Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pumping Insulin @ School- 1st Day

Today was the most amazing day!

Before bed last night, Kacey's BG was a 144 (perfect!). At 2am, she was a 198 and I was afraid to correct so I left it alone and when she got up at 6am she was a wonderful 122!! She woke up smiling and was ready to start the day. Since the nurse was out of the building today, I decided to volunteer at her school all day just in case something went wrong. She went on to class and when she tested at 10am for snack she was a perfect 99! Holy cow! She had snack and by lunch she was a 118...omg how much better can it get? ***smiles huge*** She was a 254 about 2hrs after lunch but then an hour later she said she felt weird and she tested and she was down to a 157 (I think it was the sudden drop she felt!) It's now dinner time and she just beeped in at a 77 and it's time to eat :) I really can't put into words how thrilled I am about these numbers. (please don't let me jinx her...LOL!) She's had a smile on her face all day and she sang all the way home from school. Thank you Herbie for doing your job :)

On a sad note, I got several emails from you all telling me about Cozmo's terrible news :( I'm so sad to find out that they are going out of business. I'm glad we have the pump for 4 more years and I'm hoping in that time that maybe another company will take over the style of the Cozmo pump. I REALLY love the features of the Cozmo and the alerts that seem to be so kid-friendly. I haven't told Kacey about this and I probably won't for another 4 years because I know she'd be so upset!

For those of you using a Cozmo pump and haven't heard the news then you can visit the site to read more about it: COZMO DISCONTINUED


Amy said...

Wow! Awesome numbers! I'm so happy for Kacey!

Earlier today, I read about the Cozmo pump and thought of you but refrained from sending a message 'cause I thought you might be getting a barrage of emails! I'm so glad you guys were able to get it...wishing it would be available for us! Oh well--- we'll find something that works for us!

Shamae said...

Hey great numbers! That is a an awesome first day! Way to go Herbie & Kacey!! Sorry to hear Cozmo is going out of business! We have the minimed but you get so attached to your pump I can see how it would be hard to lose the company..those pumps are literally an extension of yourself! Good thing you have 4 more years with Herbie! Take care and way to go for a great first day!

Molly said...

So glad that Kacey had such a great first pump/insulin day! Super numbers!

I'm grieving about my Cozmo. (Squirt) I've had a Cozmo for the last (almost) 10 years, and can't even start thinking about having to use a different pump. When I heard the news today, I was shocked and sad. My warranty is up in 2 years... crap.

:) Tracie said...

Great first day pumping!!! Kacey must've had a wonderful feeling inside with those excellent numbers!
Bummer on the news...hopefully they'll liquidate their supplies to their current customers before they disappear....or maybe someone will buy them out and continue the product under a different name. That would be nice.

Shannon said...

Wow! Sounds like a great day! I can't wait to get the pump for my little Brooklyn. One day!

I am so happy that she is doind so well!