Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Party Games

At Kacey's birthday party, we played some really fun games.
They included:

Telephone (Kaceys request)- all the kids sit in a line and the first person whispers to the second and it continues down the line and the last person shouts out what they heard. The kids did this about 7-8 times because they were laughing so hard.

Musical Chairs- Everyone knows how to play this!

Mummy Wrap- The kids paired up in teams of 2 and each team got a roll of toilet paper (the cheap kind makes it more fun because it breaks easy and makes it harder to wrap) The team decides who will be the "Wrapper" and "Mummy". The winner is the first team to use their whole roll of toilet paper.

BINGO- Another fav and we had some cool prizes
Balloon Pop- A pile of balloons are on the floor about 15 feet away from a row of chairs. On the "GO!" the kids run down, pick up a balloon, run back to their chair and proceed to try and pop it only using their butt. This was another one that got lots of giggles! We played about 4 rounds of this because they were having so much fun.

The last game was....
Pin the Pump Site on Kacey :) - Kayleigh came up with this game and we put it together when we thought Kacey's pump would be here in time for her party. It's ok because we followed through with the game and it was a fun one! It gave Kacey a chance to tell her friends about her pump and where she would have sites on her body.
The kids were blindfolded and they played this just like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". They were actually giggling so hard when each one was blindfolded and they'd cheer the child on. I was in charge of the game but there was one split second I looked over at Kacey and saw her smiling so big and laughing with her friends and it made me so happy knowing she felt so good.

Kacey colored the outline of herself and added the pump on there :) Take notice of the "150" ...LOL thats her "target BG". I'm glad she didn't put a 300 on there!


k2 said...

Kacey is pretty darn smart, and funny to boot!

rachel said...

Oh that's great!!! I love pin the pump site on Kacey. That's wonderful, great idea! :)

No Sugar Needed said...

ROTFL - that is awesome! But tell Kacey I don't recommend a pump site on her wrist, I'm just saying! Hee Hee