Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today is a very sad day at our house. Our beloved cat Henry passed away this morning. We rescued Henry in 2005 from a lady that was having surgery and could no longer care for him. I'd just suffered the loss of my other cat Tom a month earlier and I wasn't looking for another cat. A friend of mine told me about Henry. He was almost 6 years old, was neutered, good with kids, fat and adorable and just needed someone to love and feed him. I still wasn't interested and she insisted that once I saw him I'd change my mind. And thats EXACTLY what happened! I went to "meet" Henry and it was love at first site! He climbed up in my lap and all he wanted was love. I drove home with him on my lap in the car that day. My intentions were to keep him in the house but he had other plans! We live on 5 acres and the lady that owned him had already put him outside and he didn't want to be inside anymore. So we let him be outside (which is where my Tom was) He would lay on the deck in the sunshine, not a care in the world. As long as he was fed, he was happy. His last weigh in was 19 pounds! He was famous for bringing me "presents" and sitting at the front door meowing until I opened it and approved of his "catch" (field mice, moles, birds, and once a baby rabbit) After approval, he would easily take his catch under the deck and eat quietly (gross!). He really was the perfect pet and family member! All he ever wanted in return was to be cradled in our arms like a baby and loved.

I knew something was wrong when I hadn't seen him the last 3 days. On Wednesday, he was just laying on the deck in the sunshine and not moving around much. He was a bit "mopey" and I even asked him why he was feeling so down? He just meowed at me and I laughed and told Kacey that I thought Henry was feeling bad because she was sick. He usually greets me on the deck when I walk out to warm the car in the morning. I knew it was a little colder than normal the last few days but it wasn't like him to stray. I got the call this morning from Frankie while I was shopping with my Mom that he'd found Henry. I could tell he'd been crying and he said he'd passed away by the edge of the woods. There were no signs that he'd been hurt ... so we're assuming he died of old age. (Thats what I keep telling myself ) The hardest part was having to keep my composure until I was back to the car and could tell the girls.

Very sad day in the West house.


Rachel said...

Oh Jill I'm so sorry! As hard as it is, try and remember the good times and know that he probably died in his sleep without any pain. He was love and he had a good life!

Big hug to you and your family.

Karen said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear about Henry. I know just how hard it is to loose a little kitty. My thoughts are with you all.

CookinsForMe said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Henry. Losing a beloved pet is particularly hard on kids. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Molly said...

I am so sorry that you have lost Henry. He sounds like a pretty special cat. ((hugs))

mom2wendy said...

I am very sorry for your great loss. My dear orange cat, George died from diabetes. My heart broke and tears flowed for a long time. After a few weeks of feeling sad, I had a dream. I visioned every pet that I had ever loved sitting in a beautiful sunny field. Abby, my sweet Schnauzer who had also passed from diabetes, barked and I understood her. She told me that all my pets were waiting for me. I asked where was Kindle our Dalmation? She said, "Kindle belongs to Wendy. Kindle is waiting for her." Maybe it was just a dream.....but this little dream visit soothed my aching heart. Perhaps, you could vision Henry waiting for you in a beautiful sunny field. In my heart, I feel he is. ((hugs))

The Turner's said...

Oh Jill I am so very sorry - my heart is breaking for you and I"m sending prayers and hugs to you, the kids and your husband. Love