Friday, December 5, 2008

Update on Sticky Jewelry

Wowwwwww! It's amazing how just one person can make your day!

I got a response back from Customer Service within 2 hours of sending it. They located the order that was placed in October. She said normally they only offer a 30-day money back guarentee but just this one they are going to replace the strap for NOTHING and they are sending it out TODAY first class! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I told her she not only made my day but she made one sick little 8yr old very happy!

So....all that being said.... I still love the style of her bracelet and I plan on ordering more straps for it after Christmas!



Lynnea said...

Yay!! It's always nice to have good customer service.

I'm so bad I haven't found anything for J.J. yet. His wrist is soooo small. We had one, but it would get wet, dirty, name it. Just lazy in trying to find something that works.:(

Jill said...

Lynnea... as upset as I was about the bracelet...I think it was just a defect and it was actually VERY nice and reasonable! The little straps can be changed out and they are only $5.95 each. It is adjustable to any wrist and it locks tight. That was the one feature I loved about it! The straps are made like dog collar materials (bad reference, I know! LOL) but you dont have to worry about the chain breaking or something like that and even if she did lose it, I wasnt out too much money. The metal part is engraveable and on the back we had CALL MOM and my cell number put on that way my phone number is always at hand (literally!) Check out the childrens bracelets on