Monday, December 8, 2008

Manners Shmanners!

The one manner *sniffle* that I taught my children that I really wish they'd be more careful with....*cough*


Grrr! *cough* Kacey decided she was going to be nice and share with Mommy and I am not battling the same cold she is! *sniffle...sniffle....blow* I knew it....I knew it....I knew that once I'd stayed up for nearly 48 hours that my immune system was gonna crash and I was gonna end up with it. So... *sniffle* I started taking some OTC stuff in hopes that this doesn't go to my chest because once that happens *blows nose* then it goes to bronchitis pretty fast! *sprays Lysol*

Kacey is starting to see some relief so thats a good thing. She's still coughing but not as bad. I made that adjustment to her Lantus when she got sick and went up one unit to see if it would help....looks like I managed to keep her blood sugars in the 200's while she has been sick! I think I made the right decision because last time she was sick she shot up to the 300-400 range! She's still waking up high...this morning a 242... but since shes still sick, I expected it! She wants to go to school today so I'm gonna let her go and see what happens.

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Cara said...

Sharing that kind of stuff is not a good thing! I hope it doesn't get too bad for you.