Monday, December 29, 2008

Diabetes In Style

I think Kacey will be following in her sisters footsteps with the Vera Bradley addiction! For Christmas, a family member gave her her first Vera Bradley bag. It was a small over the shoulder purse that she could carry her kit and insulin pens in when shes by herself. We ended up going shopping this past weekend and this is what she ended up with!!It's a Vera Bradley backpack and "diabetes kit". She nearly did cartwheels in the store because when we found the "diabetes kit" she kept saying "It was made just for all my diabetes stuff!" I think it's really a make-up bag but I didnt have the heart to tell her that!

The kit comfortably holds her meter, lancet, test strips, both insulin pens, diabetes card with all her info, 2 extra syringes and in the 2 zippered pouches.... lancets and pen needles! Everything right in one little bag :) The backpack holds that kit, extra snacks, a juice box in a baggie (after that low yesterday), odds & ends like bandaids & handi-wipes, on-the-go Crystal Light packs, glucose tabs, glucose gel, skittles & smarties (thanks Lynnea), $5 for those "just in case" moments (you never know when you wont have cash on you to grab a snack!) and ohhhhh we can't forget the Nintendo DS! LOL! She's only had the backpack for 3 days but she's wanted to carry it! I think it makes a huge difference if you're forced to carry all these things that you be able to carry them in style! *wink* (BTW, I still don't own a Vera yet!)

When she first came home from the hospital, they sent us home with what they called a "Camo Pack". It was pink, blue and white camoflauge (Yuk!) but it was like an insulated lunchbox. It had a long strap and was sorta awkward looking. She carried that for about a month and then we tried switching things over to a bigger bag that I carried as my purse. Well that didn't last long because the first time she wanted to go somewhere with Daddy, I had to empty my crap and give her the bag. So then we switched to a purse with hearts all over it. It was flimsy and had a short shoulder strap that she couldnt keep up on her shoulder. So then she went to a mini backpack. That seemed to work the best! The backpack was one her sister had in her closet and never used. She's carried that for about the last 3 months. Its been nice because we are able to toss it from one car to the next...she can strap it to her back and not have to worry about losing it...and she can keep up with it instead of us always having to drag it. Since she's done so well with it....why not get her the Vera Bradley? ;) Now she's in-style! LOL!


Cara said...

I didn't realize Vera was so health conscious. :D How cool that it fits all of her stuff!
I don't own a Vera yet either. Don't feel bad!

Lynnea said...

Wow! What an awesome bag!! Perfect! We're still in bag limbo here. We use a camo hip pack, but he's not going to carry it.."guys don't carry bags" he says! And dumb me I keep accidentally calling it a "diaper" bag instead of a diabetes bag!! UGH!

Jill said...

Cara~ Yeah I was pretty shocked that it had a pocket for everything! Makes it easier for me too cuz everything is in one little bag :)

Lynnea~ Yikes! I can imagine how difficult it would be for a boy to have a "bag". What about one of those character backpacks? I think they are made for toddlers ...about 1/2 the size of a regular backpack. This backpack is big enough for her to carry other things in too... her Nintendo DS...a book... coloring book & crayons. So its not just a diabetes bag :) LOL @ the diaper bag! For the longest time I called her bag her "camo pack" cuz thats what she came home from the hospital with and she'd correct me and say "Mommy its NOT a camo pack now, its a purse!" Hahaha! Now I just call it her "backpack" (the whole bag) or her "kit" (the small thing that holds her meter & insulin)