Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day With My Girls

I took my girls down to the beach today. I had been waiting on a friend of mine who is an amateur photographer to take pics of them and since we didn't get them taken in time for Christmas cards, I decided to take them down there today. It was only in the high 50's here but there wasn't a wind blowing so it wasn't too chilly down on the water. I've always wanted to have a family portrait done outside and either the photographer wasn't available when we were, they backed out on us or they were too busy. After taking the pics down on the beach today, I really wanna do the family one! Kayleigh is dating a boy whose Dad is a photographer and I am going to ask him this week about doing a family sitting outdoors. There's lots of perfect places around this area to take them! It should be fun :)

Kacey's CDE from her Endo's office called today and wanted to make more dose changes. The breakfast and dinner carb ratio is now 1:12 instead of 1:15 and the lunch is still 1:10 and any snacks she has are 1:12. I can really tell they are starting to tweak this and get tighter control...which I'm thankful! I know she's through her honeymoon now. I also asked about dosing her before/after meals. Her suggestion was...if it's a meal that we know she is going to eat all of then do her dose before the meal. If it's a dinner that we don't usually have or a holiday meal that she will possibly be having 2nd's with then she said to wait til after the meal and dose her all at once. She went on to explain how it takes insulin 30 min to work and then if shes taking 20-30 min to eat her meal then you've lost all that time the insulin could be doing it's job and keeping her from the spike. So with meals we know she likes and we know she will finish then she suggested giving her the insulin about 15 min before she eats so it will kick in the same time her body will spike and then it reduces the risk of her hitting those high numbers. Makes sense! So I feel better after getting all the feedback from the prior post (thanks D-OC) and then talking to her CDE...each meal will be handled seperately as to how we dose her! :)


Cara said...

Fantastic pictures! They are great!

Colleen said...

The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing them with us.