Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Kacey (Tigger) & Kayleigh (Dorothy)

Stephen (Scarecrow), Kayleigh (Dorothy),
Me (Wicked Witch) & Frankie (Evil Hunter)

We managed to survive Halloween...with a starting blood sugar of 372 @ 5:30pm(can you say EXCITED?) and it dropping to a 97 @ 8pm!! Kacey did really good at the party...until we got back from trick or treating. She started feeling the drop and started feeling bad *sad* so we ended up leaving so she could get her Lantus and something to eat. We got in the car and we didnt even get 5 miles up the road before she fell asleep...poor thing!

So last night she actually had a Reeses cup with her dinner. You'd of thought I gave her a million dollars! She was so happy :) We made sure we added in the 12 carbs with her meal dose and she was happy as a clam! Her numbers are closer to range today so maybe the highs were just the excitement of Halloween coming...who knows?



The Turner's said...

God Bless Her..Man I can relate to those high numbers. ANYTIME Nikki gets worked up (whether it's stress from a test at school or happiness from something fun) her sugars jump off the chart! You guys all looked GREAT!!!!

Cara said...

How cute! Great costumes. :)