Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mrs. H .... and some prayers needed!

Kacey & Mrs.H at the JDRF Walk to a Cure
She came out to support Kacey and walk with her!

Today got me thinking about how we take some things for granted.

When Kacey first went back to school in September, I was an overprotective mother that felt like she was leaving her newborn with a stranger. The first few weeks were rough...ok they were more than just rough! I nearly worried myself sick. I had the "No one can care for my child better than I can" attitude and I wasn't ready to let someone else take care of Kacey just 6 weeks after being diagnosed. So yes...I was picky...I was harsh....and over the last 2 months so many things have changed. After settling into a school routine, all of us were comfortable with the way things were going. I'd drive Kacey to school...she'd go test before lunch...go back for her shot but she'd call me to make sure her dose was right....and then she'd get her shot and go to class. It's been this routine for the last month now and things have been so smooth. I'm thankful that Mrs. H finally got the hang of figuring up Kaceys dose and shes now able to care for her the way I would....yep I said it... I know she loves Kacey dearly and she tells her all the time "I wish I had a granddaughter....can you be my adopted granddaughter?" and that makes me feel so good! I know shes cared for to the best of her ability and she'd never let anything intentionally happen to Kacey. So...all that being said...over the last 4 weeks Ive gotten very comfortable in that routine and I got a call from Mrs. H while we were home on our 5 day break. Her mother has taken a turn for the worse and she was going out of town. She called to let me know she was trying to get a sub nurse but no one was calling back and she didnt want me to walk into school and be hit with this. We get into school this RN at school. They couldnt get a sub nurse so one of the teachers is filling in for her. I've known the teacher since I was in high school so I quickly gave her a run-down of Kaceys level of care and since Kacey was running high (yep, shes still in the 200's!) I wasnt feeling upset at all. I told her I would be back up there at lunch so she didnt have to figure out Kaceys dose and Id make sure she got her shot. She was relieved!! So I went back up there for lunch....Kacey was at a 283...yep still high...and so I had lunch with her and came back home. While I was driving home, I realized how greatful I am to have Mrs. H. Yeah, it may have taken her a little longer to learn Kaceys care...but I miss her being there to take care of Kacey.

So Im asking everyone to please send up some prayers for her. She had to hop a plane yesterday and she will be gone the rest of the week. I know she is going to worry about things back here and I pray she doesnt. I want her to focus on the time she has left with her Mom and not worry about anything back here. I pray for her safe return and I pray that she's given the strength to deal with whatever comes.




The Turner's said...

Jill, diabetes brings the most unexpected blessings doesn't it. I'll be praying for your friend.

Jill said...

Thanks Sheri! She had told us she'd be back in a few days but her Mom is really bad off and I dont think they expected her to live thru the weekend *sad* I havent heard anymore but I know she said she wouldnt be back until Wed of this coming week...and Im assuming thats if things went the way they thought.

Not having a nurse at school scares the crap outta me! Thats why I've been up at school everyday :(