Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1st Annual Secret Santa

Ohhhhh boy! Im really excited about getting in on the first Secret Santa on here :) If you haven't heard about it yet then check out the post over on Allison's blog.

Whoever draws my name can actually shop for Kacey if they choose to instead of me :)

Also thanks to Cara who taught me how to finally link...haha! I got it girlie!!

Faxed blood sugars yesterday and havent heard back from the doc yet. Last night for Kaceys dinner dose, when I totalled carbs and figured out her dose it was 3.33 and instead of rounding down to 3 units...I rounded up to 4 units...got her to a 126 for bedtime...YAYYYYYYYYY!!! When she woke up this morning... 171 :) Thats better than a 271!

I'll update as soon as I hear from the doc.

Til later....

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Cara said...

It's so cool! I see you got it. :) I'm excited about the Secret Santa. Too much fun. :)