Friday, October 10, 2008

Only Daddy's Side Will Do!

Kacey has always been a "Daddy's Girl"...from the time she was a toddler that followed him around like a baby duckling...til now when she wants to be right by his side with whatever he is doing. When she was a baby, she slept between us and finally at the age of 2, I kicked her out of our bed. During that time, is when she was having the febrile seizures and we were afraid to let her sleep in her own room so we kept the toddler bed in our room so we could hear her. Finally when she turned 3, I knew it was time for her to be in her own room! They told us that she probably would never have anymore seizures (she only had 2...but they were VERY scary!) So I moved her bed to her room, with much resistance from Daddy, but it worked :) When she would wake up, she'd come barreling into our room and get back in bed between us. But then we started to notice...days that she was sick...she wanted to be in our bed and particularly on "Daddy's side of the bed". It wasn't until she was old enough to tell me WHY that I really understood. One day when she was home sick from school I asked her why she always wanted to lay on Daddy's side of the bed when she felt bad? She replied with "Cuz the pillow smells like Daddy and I love him and I know you will lay next to me and take care of me like you do Daddy." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ~light bulb goes off~ LOL! So I explained to her I'd take care of her no matter where she was laying but if laying in "Daddy's spot" made her feel better then she could lay there as long as she wanted! So now, every single time shes sick...thats where she wants to be :) This morning she woke up, after a rough night, and she said she was sick at her stomach. Sugar check... 156. Hmmm ok... its not really high...but she woke up at 11pm with nightmares and I checked her at a 219. Could she have gone higher during the night and thats what made her feel sick? I guess Im going to just have to get used to doing 3am checks. Thats the only way I know to get those accurate results. So... guess where shes at? Yep... on Daddys side of the bed...watching cartoons and just feeling "miserable"! Diabetes is winning today and she's given in and just let it go. She's got a headache now so I'm not making her go to school today. We're just gonna take the day and rest :)


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