Friday, October 10, 2008

504 Update

I'm very pleased to say that we now have a 504 Plan in place :D I met with everyone yesterday at 2:20pm and finished at 3:00pm. The meeting was with the Principal, Asst Principal, 2 teachers, the nurse and the guidance councelor. They used a check off sheet to determine if Kacey was eligible...of course she is! She met all 3 questions with a YES! Everyone was REALLY nice and very helpful. The nurse brought up several points that needed to be included and the Princial went along with all of it. Kacey's teacher did bring up one concern about her always getting a headache when she changed classes. She wasnt sure if it was really her blood sugars affecting her of if it was the stress of leaving her room. Kacey's gotten very attached to her teacher (so have I!) Her husband has T2 diabetes and Im not sure if Kacey feels safe and secure and knows that Mrs. M is going to take care of her the right way if something happens or if it is in fact her blood sugars rise and falls that are causing them? Whatever the case, it was noted on her 504 that she was having to miss class to test or because she was ill and that special accommidations needed to be made for her in those situations.

So in the end, I was VERY pleased we did this! Now it's in place and there are no questions as to what is expected of any of us. Kacey's Health Care Plan was also put with it. We will review this each year and make changes as needed.

On another note...Im pleased to note that Nurse J is finally comfortable with dosing and injections :) Kacey still calls me each day at lunch to make sure the dose is correct...but thats because she is being given the chance to practice figuring out her own thats a bonus! She did have her first "low" in weeks yesterday...she dropped to a 75 at snack time! Its a good thing we're still doing mid-morning snacks. Scary thing is...she never felt it physically. She asked her teacher to go test for snack and she went all the way to the nurse on her own and tested. So that worries me a bit...because she's not feeling those lows coming on.

Today is Homecoming for the high school! We were spose to go to the Homecoming Parade and then to the football game tonight but it will all depend on how Kacey is feeling as to what our plans are. Hopefully she'll start to feel better and we can go :)



Cara said...

I'm glad this went well for you. It's nice to know that you have legal backing if something should happen.

Jill said...

Thanks Cara! It went really well and even though I may never need it...I just wanted it set in place and I wanted to have the Principal's there to know how serious this is! They weren't at the meeting when I met with the nurse and the I dont think they realized how serious of an illness this is....but they do now! *wink*