Tuesday, October 7, 2008

High, How Are You?

When I went into Kacey's room this morning and gently shook her to wake up, I knew she was going to be "Judy Moody". She turned and gave a grumble...which usually means its going to be a rough morning. She sat up in bed and said "I feel woozy!" .... What? Woozy? She's never used that term before! OK...Kacey, how does "woozy" feel? Mommy it feels like I cant get up. Hmmmm...so was she feeling light headed? Had she sat up too fast? So she gets up and stumbles to the potty and calls out for me. Mommmmmmmmmmm I really feel woozy! I grab the kit on my way to the bathroom. OK Lets test and see whats going on.....beep....beeeeeep..... 245! YIKES! She hasn't woke up with that high of a blood sugar since we were in the hospital!!! OK...so why was she woozy? Was she sick at her stomach because her sugar was high? Was she hungry and needing to eat? I dont know! I hate that I feel so helpless sometimes! So I got her dressed and she couldnt decide what she wanted for breakfast.

Me: Kacey you need to eat...what do you want me to make you?
Kacey: I dont know?
Me: Well I cant make that ... you need to tell me something! How about cereal?
Kacey: Cereal doesnt fill me up!
Me: OK...how about eggs & toast?
Kacey: No I dont feel like eating that.
Me: What about eggs in a tortilla?
Kacey: I dont want that either
Me: OK well you need to tell me something so I can get it done! Are you even hungry?
Kacey: YES Im hungry but I dont know what I want to eat!
Me: What about a cereal bar?
Kacey: No that doesnt fill me up either!
Me: OK then...how about you make your own breakfast then! Im tired of playing this game!
Kacey: ***huffs***

So I leave out of her room and go get dressed. I come back in and shes in the kitchen...getting ready to turn on the stove!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!

Me: WHAT are you doing?
Kacey: You told me to make my own breakfast!
Me: I didnt tell you to use the stove!
Kacey: I need the stove to cook my eggs for breakfast!
Me: Well you need to tell me next time and you never use this stove without me in here!
Kacey: But Mom you SAID for me to make my own breakfast and I decided I want eggs!
Me: ***sigh***

LOL...ok so within 10 minutes she'd decided she wanted eggs and was going to cook them herself since thats what I told her to do....hahaha...how could I get mad at her? After all, I did tell her to make her own breakfast! So I ended up taking over for her...making her breakfast...got thru her shot and she's full and smiling and ready for school.

That still doesnt explain her morning high. She went to bed with a 146 and woke up at a 245...Im guessing we will see that Lantus increase when I fax her blood sugars in tomorrow! Am I selfish to pray she is thru her honeymoon? It's almost bitter-sweet. On one hand Im hoping she is because that means she can go on the pump and our lives can be back to normal....but on the other hand...is it selfish for me to pray for that because then it means the last of those cells that were kicking out insulin have been killed off and she is now totally dependant on the insulin to live a long and healthy life. Its a catch 22!

It's time for her to go to school.... more later :)



The Turner's said...

Hello my friend, will Miss Kacey cook me some eggs too? LOL. I have been so very overwhelmed with coursework and teaching that I haven't have much time to blog or catch up with you guys. What's new (other than eggs and unexplained morning HIGHS). BTW, if you ever figure out a reason for all the weird HIGHS our girls have to deal with, will you let me know ROTFL (becaue we have to laugh or we'll cry RIGHT).

Take care, I'll talk to you soon!

Cara said...

I have been a diabetic since I was 4 years old. I am now 27. This was back in the days of exchanges instead of carb counting. We had NO idea what we were doing. My mom just knew I had to eat.
We would have horrible arguments because I didn't want to eat! I would yell, she would yell, I would cry, she would cry. I eventually got past that, but let me tell you, it's one of the few things I remember about diabetes from the ages of 5 to about 7. :)

Jill said...

LOL Sheri! We're surviving here :) I wanna give you a call so lemme know when a good time is! And no..I didnt figure out the reason for these weird highs & lows either...but yesterday she managed to stay in rage all day long and woke up at a 116 this morning! Haha! So now what? LOL!

Cara- The morning struggles are the worst. Kaceys never been a morning person and waking up high just makes her more grumpy than normal. I didnt even go into the struggle we had with her clothes...LOL...

This doesnt fit right!
I dont like the color of that shirt!
This has a stain on it!
These panties are too tight!
I wanna wear my socks inside out cuz the seam hurts my toes!
I dont want sneakers, I want crocs on!

LOL....and then theres the hair....
Don't brush it like that Mom!
I dont want it in a ponytail!
When its in 2 ponytails it hurts!
I dont like the color of that bow!

Haha...thats just a piece of what we go thru during the highs. But we manage to get thru it...most of the time with tears...and then we've got smiles on our faces when we get in the car to go to school! But yes...unless you're the parent of a diabetic child or a sibling...its hard to see what goes on "behind the scenes" and the daily struggles you have to go thru just to get out the door in the morning!! Now bedtime....that a whole 'nother story!

Thanks for the comment :)

The Turner's said...

I have to say that I'm in Kacey's corner on the morning thing. I don't seem to be really awake until about 4pm then I stay awake until about 4am; but the rest of the world doesn't see it my way.

BTW, I love the title of your post HIGH, how are you LOL, great!