Sunday, October 5, 2008

Air is the Problem....Vent is the Answer!

The power of the internet can be an amazing tool! We just had our first problem with the Humalog Kwik Pen. When Kacey first came home from the hospital we used the vials and used the syringes to draw up her insulin and once we were done with those we started on the kwik pens...which was much easier and Kacey really liked instead of the individual needles. Well we ran into 2 problems... the first one being...last month we wasted 180 units of insulin!! Because she is in school, we had to have an open pen at school and one at home. We used most of the one for home but because she was only getting insulin at lunch during school meant we lost all that insulin because its only good for 28 days after you open it!! Her dose was 1 unit per 30 carbs so she wasnt getting much insulin either! So that REALLY sucks! So I just opened 2 more pens...since its been 30 days...and when I went to prime the pen it wasnt shooting the insulin out. Hmmmm.... ok so I went online to trouble shoot...LOL you'd of thought I had a new electronic device in my hand! seems that the pen had too much air in it and I had to use a syringle and vent it...just like you would the bottle. Who'd of thought?!?! Once I got the air out then the pen started shooting out just fine!
As far as sugar numbers... her dose was changed last week and she is STILL running high. I cant seem to keep her in normal range and I thought for sure she'd drop since she was getting more insulin. So it made me think....wowww...if shes getting more insulin and she's still staying in the higher range...I wonder what in the world her numbers would be if she didn't have the insulin? Scary to think!!! I've also noticed...when she's active her sugar goes UP not down! She will shoot up to the 300's and then come down fast and get a headache. much as she loved plain Ramen noodles...she just can't eat them anymore because they send her sugar soaring high and then she gets sick at her stomach :( I did get her some new pasta to try this week and see if that works better for her :)
More later!

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