Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend & Nerves

Happy Labor Day!

Today is the last day before school starts and Im so nervous, anxious and have this pain in my tummy that isnt going away! My nerves are getting the best of me *sad* Im trying so hard not to show how my insides feel!

So...I left off on Friday afternoon. Kacey did better that evening with a 138 and a 148 before bed. She woke up on Sat morning with a 115 and was a 148 by lunch. Just when I start thinking things are leveling out....BAM! She dropped to a 76 for dinner and then went up to a 250 before bed. *grumbles* She was cranky and had the "I want Mommy" syndrome so she ended up in bed with me and we kicked Daddy out (LOL!) I rechecked her sugar at 11pm to make sure she didnt go higher and she was a 234. So it was coming down (Thank goodness!) I let her sleep in yesterday morning and she was a 123 when I finally got her up :) We had breakfast and then went to visit Granny for a bit. We tested for lunch and she was a 121...YAYYY! So she ate some pizza but then said she felt like she had a tummy ache and went to lay down. We left Granny's to go to my Moms for a cookout we were having with Madison (the friend she met with Type 1 in the hospital) and her family. Kacey was feeling better and her tummy ache was gone so she went swimming a bit and then Madi & her family arrived and the girls "tested" together :) Kacey was a 68!!! So she immediately went on and ate dinner and then the girls wanted to go play in the pool again so we took them over. Madi and Kacey play soooo well together and Madi's brother and Kayleigh were getting along good so it gave us a chance to sit and chat with Madi's parents about all sorts of stuff :) It was really nice to sit and relax for a bit! We got the kids out of the pool and had dessert and then it was time for that dreaded goodbye again! Kacey started to cry because she didnt want Madi to leave. Kay & Madi's brother exchanged cell phone numbers. We had our final hugs and waved them off! So we went back in and gathered our things since it was close to 8pm and we knew we were gonna have to do the bedtime testing. We got home and both girls were exhausted! Kacey tested and she was at a 167 so that was good! This morning she woke up and tested at a 118 :) So after lunch we're taking them to the bowling alley and Kacey is meeting her cousin Whitney up there. They have games for $1.00 today and this will give her a chance to practice without using the bumpers since they are moving up to the bigger division in a few weeks!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and I'll be back later with an update :)

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The Turner's said...

What a great cookout! I am also jealous of the numbers she's been producing (not really, just kidding). Way to go Kacey! (and Madi). When Nikki has time to spend with MiKayala (she went to camp with her) it's always so good for her. Wouldn't it be cool if we could figure out a way to visit your way or you all come our way; or we meet somewhere? We'll have to try to make it happen.

Tomorrow will be okay, I WILL be praying for you. Let me know how the day goes. I'm glad you are going up before lunch.

BTW we have lots of moments that Nikki needs extra 'Mommy Time' and Daddy ends up on the couch LOL; we don't mind - we do what we have to do right?

Have a great day!