Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Friday....and we're running LOW!

Kacey woke up with a 99 this morning. Not too bad ...but not great for getting 13 units of Lantus the night before. She wasnt in the best mood and she only wanted cereal for breakfast. Her doctor changed her breakfast carb ratio again to 1:30 since she was still dropping at lunch. So she only had 36 carbs for unit of insulin...hell...I shot more in the air this morning with the test shot than what I had to give her! So she went and got on the couch...and thats where shes stayed til lunch. She wanted to play the PS2 for a bit but she wasnt acting all jolly like usual. So at 12 she tested for lunch...74! No why the hell would this drop? Shes getting LESS insulin for breakfast...and MORE carbs. Weird!

So...yesterday I took Kayleigh to the doc to have her A1c tested. The paranoid Mommy part of me just needed to make sure she was ok! I called the doc a little bit ago and they said everything is normal!! Her A1c was a 5.6!! So I had my "Mommy Moment" of tears of joy and now Im relieved!

Kayleigh had her first real hockey game last night and she was a starter! I was beaming proud at how much shes grown and how shes turned into such a great young lady! She has changed so much and its hard to believe that in 4 short years she will be graduating! Anyway, they won the game 2-0 and she played nearly the entire game :)

Now...whats the rest of the day hold for me??? Running Kay to practice from 3-5:30pm....taking Kay to Mom's house because tomorrow is her last cake class *sigh*...then home for the rest of the evening to "rest". So thats about all for now!


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