Friday, September 5, 2008

Two day update before the storm hits

Just thought I'd update the last 2 days before the storm hits because I don't know whats gonna happen and if we're gonna lose power.

Yesterday was Kaceys best day yet :D She woke up with a lunch was a 164...afternoon was a 114....then another 114....103 for dinner....and 192 for bedtime. YAYYYYYYYY! Those are great numbers!! The nurse gave her the shot again and she did it right....Wooohoooooo! I was so pleased with her day :)

Today she woke up at 139...was 128 for lunch....158 for afternoon....and 100 for dinner....YAYYYYYYYYYYY! Another good day :) She is adjusting so well and her teacher is just amazing!! Yesterday her teacher asked me what she could give Kacey for snack this afternoon because it was "Fun Friday" and she was doing popcorn, soda and a movie. Well...I told her she could have the popcorn without a shot but she couldnt have the soda so her water bottle would do :) Well...when I got there for lunch today her teacher asked me if Kacey could have sugar free lemonade? (Keep in mind, her teacher's husband found out last year hes Type 2 so she knew what to look for) So...I asked her how many carbs were in it and she said less than 1 :) So of course she could have it! and I telling you this? Well because I thought to THATS a great teacher! This teacher took it upon herself to bring in a sugar free lemonade so Kacey wouldnt feel left out so it made me smile inside knowing she was in such good hands :) When I got there this afternoon to pick Kacey up, her nurse pulled me to the side and said she needed to talk to me. Uhoh! So I went in the office with her and she said Kacey had a great afternoon and said that when they were coming in from outside one of the teachers that is the Occupational Therapist (only at school 3 days a week) was standing in the door way and Kaceys face lit up and she said "Excuse me, is that a pump?" Well the OT was taken back because none of the kids know what that is! She said "Yes it is!" and Kacey struck up a conversation with her and told her that she was T1 and its only been 7 weeks for her. The OT was so shocked at how "grown" Kacey was and how much she really knew and retained for only being 8yrs old. That made me feel so good! So the nurse asked me if I had some time and she went and got the OT to talk to me more about the pump. OMG she was sooooo nice! She talked to us for 40 min about the pump and diabetes...she let Kacey hold the pump and showed her how it works. Talk about a great experience!!! So was a big deal for us...because she took the time to just sit and talk to us about it :) I was proud of Kacey too because she struck up the conversation and wasnt too shy to ask! So....a great way to end the week!

Hurricane Hanna is headed our way so Im not sure what this weather is going to do or when I will be back....

Sheri... have a great weekend and good luck with the Walk! I hope your team met their goal :) Give Nikki a hug from us at the finish line!! GO NO SUGAR NEEDED!!

Caitlin & James~ My deepest sympathy over the loss of your brother. Let us know if you need anything! We love you guys!

Have a great weekend!

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