Monday, September 1, 2008

Everything is ready!

OK...bookbags are packed....lunches are packed....clothes are layed out...and everything is ready for the first day of school tomorrow *sad* I've still got the sick feeling in my stomach and nerves have gotten the best of me a few times today! I've tried so hard to stay strong and positive but my insides are just crying :( I wasn't even this bad when the girls started Kindergarden!! That Mommy part of me doesnt want to let Kacey know that feeling that "no one can care for her the way I do"... yep that feeling has set in! That sense of losing control and someone else not taking care of her the way I would. So yeah...Ive really got myself into a state!

Kacey is doing pretty good with it all. Shes had 2 moments today where she got upset and I told her we werent going to dwell on it....we were going into school with big smiles...and Id be back at lunch to help her get into a routine. So...drop her off at 8:30am...walk her to class...and then be back at 12pm for lunch...leave after lunch and go back at 3pm to pick her up :) I reassured her that until she was comfortable enough with letting the nurse give her shot to her that I would come up there and do it for her. I dont want to take that secure feeling away from her and have her all upset during the day waiting to get her shot.
Kayleigh is having a few nerves of her own. Its so hard to believe my baby is starting high school!! It seems like yesterday I was putting her on the bus for the first time...and tomorrow I will be putting her on the bus to start her last 4 years of school. Wow...only 4 more years and she'll be 18 *cry* Anyway, shes nervous, excited, happy...all wrapped in one! Im happy for her though :) I told her that these next 4 years will be some of the most memorable!!! (LOL...yep I remember those high school years!)
Well...I guess I will go for now. I wont be back on here til tomorrow evening to update.
Until then....

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