Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Evening....

This evening has been pretty calm here. Kacey's levels today were all over the place again. She woke up at a 142...then by lunch she went to a 262...this afternoon she was complaining of a tummy ache and she was still at a 252 and then within an hour she dropped to an 85 and she felt shaky....then she went up to a 95 and then to a 127. So she bounced all over today!

I got the info packet in the mail today from Medtronics. Im super excited about the whole pump idea! Ive been up late the last 2 nights doing research and reading all about it. I think the pump will solve our issues with the nurse and the whole dose thing. Also I think it will be much easier on Kacey! I got the info on the CGM as well and that looks super cool! With something like that she'd be able to monitor her sugar in class and know when she's dropping without having to leave the class or someone get her to the nurse. Anyone use the CGM system? I added that to my list of questions for the doctor on Monday.

Kacey is doing really good in class...despite the "Tigger-Syndrome" ...haha! She REALLY likes her teacher...and so do I!! She is just so compassionate and caring when it comes to Kacey.

On another good note, Kayleigh is feeling better...still a little stuffy...but her cold is going away. She had another hockey game last night and they won 4-0 ...YAYYY! She didnt play as much as she would of liked to because she told the coach she was feeling too bad. So the coach gave her a break and then put her back in. She has 3 games next week :) Michael & Tracy came to the game and Tracy is T1 too and she brought us some really good recipes to try. Kay is having "kitchen withdrawals" and is ready to get back to baking again! Tracy's been really informative with the pump. We really didnt know alot about it and she's got the MiniMed too! It's amazing how lives change when you have something in common! Who'd of thunk it? LOL!

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