Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things are getting better!

OK...I guess all my ranting has paid off...LOL!

Things with school were much better today. Yesterday, I started thinking about ways I could get Kacey to the comfort level of doing things on her own at school. She already knows how to do her finger sticks and wont let anyone else do those for thats good! So this morning I told her to go to the nurse and check her sugar...then go eat lunch...and once she got done lunch she needed to come to the nurse for her shot and Id be in there waiting for her. So I got there after I knew she'd gone in the lunchroom :) and the nurse had already figured out her dose and asked me to recheck and make sure she did it right...sure golly she's got it! Kacey was at a 262 and she figured the correction dose and the food dose...added them and rounded already :)

~breathes a sigh of relief~

The lil booger is still bouncing like Tigger though! Yesterday she was a 150, 214, 87, 229, 121, and 202...LOL all over the place!

Today hasnt been much better ... ~sigh~

More later....

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