Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grrrrrrrrrrr! Feelin stressed!


Sooooo......Ohhhhh how bout that close swim race last night? GO PHELPS!!! GO USA!!!! That race was amazinggggggg!! I watched a really good interview with his Momma today. Funny how when he was little everyone teased him...and now he's the spotlight of the Olympics. Bet those guys that teased him are kicking themselves in the ass! HAHA! Damn...he's easy on the eyes! LOL! now for the know Kaceys dose was changed....and I THOUGHT we were gonna be doing good...but today she ran a bit high ...132, 177, 140 and then she tested for her bedtime dose and 247!!!!! WTF?!?! Grrrrrrrr! So now I will be up all night testing her and pushing water to get her to come down! I cant seem to win right now *cry*

Today was Kaceys last day of bowling and she got her trophy. It was good to finally see everyone after being gone for a few weeks. We signed her up for the fall and she is moving up into the higher division along with her team :) So thats exciting! She wont be bowling with bumpers so I wanna take her up there and let her practice before she has to start doing it for score.

Kay had her cake class today and she learned how to do fondant. Her cake turned out really cute :) She is gone to a sleepover tonight with all the JV hockey girls. They are making shirts for their scrimmage games next week. So shes really excited about the whole "team bonding" thing. Im glad shes involved :)

Had a couple more walkers join the team this past week....also got a few thats good :) Im hoping as it gets closer to the time then things will pick up. We told quite a few people about it today while we were at bowling. Several were interested and got really excited about it. One of the Moms said she would definately join with her kids. It made Kacey feel really good to see the outpour of support she was getting!

Sooooo.... thats about it for now.... Im gonna go get a bubble bath before Michael Phelps graces me with his presence....LMAO!



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