Friday, August 15, 2008

Doing Better!!

OK...the storm has passed and Im back :)

Soooo...seems that things are starting to look a little bit better. Kaceys sugar at dinner was 172...we had to do our first correction dose in a long while :D And then she just tested a little bit ago for bed and it was 148. She got her 13 units of Lantus again and so we'll see how things look tomorrow morning!

Been relaxing and watching the Olympics with Kacey. Shes really getting into it and shouting "Go USA!". Shes trying to stay awake til 10pm so she can watch Michael Phelps swim (wooweee!).

Kay is at Moms tonight and Frankie has been out at the dog its pretty calm and definately quiet tonight! Tomorrow we have Kaceys last day of bowling. I feel so bad because she hasnt been able to bowl with her team for a while :( She will get her trophy tomorrow and then bowling will be done til Sept. I think we're going to go on and move her up to the next division because shes not being challenged anymore. The only thing I dont like is they bowl 3 games instead of 2 and they start earlier. But she still wants to do it.... so we will! :)

Still no word from her school! I called day before yesterday to tell them that I needed to meet with them and go over her medical plan. Only 2 more weeks and they go back to school! She said to me today ... "Mommy, will you come to school every day and give me my shot?" Ugh! Im beginning to think that its not going to be an easy transition! She still wont even let Frankie try and give her the shots Im the only one doing them. So it looks like I will be going up there everyday to have lunch with her :D But...for peace of mind...I think it will be easier because then I will be figuring her dose and doing the shots and its less stress for everyone!

OK...Im off again...20 min to Phelps time! YAYYYY!


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