Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feelin' So Fly Like A ....G4

Everytime I say "G4", I sing that song in my head and giggle.

DRAMA. Thats the word that describes the process of getting our new Dexcom G4. It all started with a call from Dexcom.
"Hello, may I speak to the parents of Kacey W?"
"Hi, This is Jill, Kaceys Mom"
"Hi Jill, my name is ???? and I'm from Dexcom and I'd like to go over your benefits with you for the new Dexcom G4 system. It looks like your Dexcom 7 is now out of warranty so if something breaks with it then we cannot replace it and since it's getting to the end of the year, most people like to place their orders for supplies since the deductibles renew."
"Hang on....back up....OUT OF WARRANTY?!?! So if it breaks then we're up a creek?"
"Yes mam! But we can get you a new system sent out once they are released and you could have it in a week or so."
"Wow! Really?!? Let's do it then!"
"Ok, let me get some information from you and we'll verify all your benefits and give you a call back"

So I give him all of my information and wait for the call. Two weeks later....I still haven't heard anything and we're on our LAST Dexcom 7 sensor. So I call Dexcom back to order one box. I knew this would get us through til we got the new system. wasn't gonna be that easy!

The rep from Dexcom informed me that I could no longer order supplies directly from them. I had to go through Edgepark. They would forward my information over to them and I would need to call them to order supplies. WHAT?!?! We used to have Edgepark before and then our insurance did away with them and now they're back? WTH?!? So I hung up from them and called Edgepark. The first time I got someone I couldn't understand. Now, I don't have anything against accents but if you're a phone rep then you should be able to speak proper English, right? ***GAH*** So, I hung up and called back. I got a really nice lady the second time. I explained my situation and how we needed sensors ASAP since we hadn't been approved for the G4 yet. She took all my information, placed the order and told me it would be shipped next day and since that was Friday, it would probably be Monday before I got it. Easy enough, NOT! Monday rolls around, no sensors. Tuesday, no sensors. By the following Friday, I'm worrying! We had to pull the sensor Kacey had on and she had to walk in a parade with band the next day. WHAT was going on? I called Edgepark back to see what the problem was. The lady says, "There is no record of an order or it being shipped." HUH?!?!? NO ORDER???? So she reviews the account and says, "Since you're a new customer, it takes a week or two for all the approvals and then we can ship it out." ***insert Momma flipping out*** I was pissed! I knew it wasn't her fault but I was having a hard time processing the fact that we had to go through ANOTHER approval even though we were customers before. INSANE!!! So this now meant, we would not have sensors for one of the biggest days ever. Kacey would have to test her blood sugar before she started marching and then it would be over an hour of marching with no way of telling what her blood sugar was until they got to the end. Best case senario....let her run high and work it down as if she was in gym. So thats what I did.

That still didn't excuse the fact that the rep from Edgepark said it would ship out next day. We got the sensors over a week later later!!! Ugh! I called them back to ask about the Dexcom system. They already had the approval on it and we could move forward. EXCELLENT!! So we did the paperwork, faxed it back and got confirmation that it would be shipped out on Friday of last week. It would be here Monday or Tuesday.

Monday arrived and we waited around all day for it. I didn't have a tracking number so I couldn't see where it was. By 4pm, I called to see if we could get the tracking number for it. The lady couldn't tell me if it was being shipped UPS or FedEx but she had the number. I knew by the type of number that it was FedEx so I tracked it. It was sitting in sorting in Norfolk. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I knew we wouldn't get it that day but we'd definately have it Tuesday by 4:30pm (according to tracking). So we waited around all day Tuesday. At 4:17, it arrived!!!

One word....EXCITED!!
Thats what my house has overflowed with the last two days. Kacey is IN LOVE!! I took several pictures. But for some reason it's not letting me share them today so I will post them later.

Now...for myine & Kacey's first impression....

Opening the box:
Me: The first thing I notice is it's looks so much like an iPod Nano. It's MUCH smaller that the Dexcom 7. I pull it out and hold the precious little device in my hand and smile down as if I'm holding a million bucks. Yes, for those parents of kids with Type 1, you completely understand how valuable this little thing is!
Kacey: I love it! I love it! I love it! Mom! It's pink! It's smaller! I'm soooooo excited! Can I hold it? Can I turn it on? I want to press the buttons!

Turning it on:
Me: Since it was in her hands, I let her turn it on and press the buttons. I watched her navigate through it like a pro. It was pretty much the same as the Dexcom 7 sysytem except the beautiful color screen that pops up.
Kacey: Oh Mom! This is SOOOOOOOOOOO cool! It's so pretty! I love the screen! It's just like my other one. What does this button do? New alerts! MOMMMMM....IT SINGS!!!! I want THAT setting!!!

Sensor & Insertion:
Me: The insertion for the G4 is the same as the Dexcom 7 system. We're pro's with that and so I was happy to see it was still the same. The one thing I immediately took notice of was the size of the transmitter. It's a little larger than the Dexcom 7. I kinda frowned when I held it in my hand but I guess you have to take more GOOD with it than BAD.
Kacey: Mom, this transmitter is bigger. It looks a BUG! So thats what it was immediately named "Bug". We inserted the site and hooked up "Bug". It stuck off, more than the Dexcom 7 did. She frowned and grumbled. I wanted to grumble with her but instead I made a joke and said, "Let me see your wittle baby bug" ***said in a baby voice*** She laughed and we moved on! Excitement turned back to the receiver.

Start Up:
Me: The whole start up process from beginning to end might have taken 20-30 minutes. It was as simple as turning it on and the process was basically the same as Dexcom 7.
Kacey: Mom, I love this so much better! I love Daisy Dexcom but THIS is so much nicer! It's smaller and it's PINK!!!

Day 2:
Me: Once the sensor finally went through the 2 hour process to start up, Kacey had to calibrate it with a finger stick. Her meter read 108 and G4 said 103. Not bad....not bad at all! :)
Kacey: Mom! I love this color screen! I love how small it is! Did I mention I love PINK?!?! I'm so happy! Thank you Mommy for all the troubloe you went through to get it for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you for spending this much money righht after Christmas! I love you Mom!!!! Oh yeah, guess what? Dexcom sang to me in the middle of class today ***giggles*** Mrs. J didn't know what it was and I laughed and said "It's just me!" and she laughed too. I love those singing alerts. If I'm high then it sings highhhhh and if I'm low then it sings lowwwwww.  (listening to her tell this made me laugh) Oh and the vibrate is MUCH better! And, and , and (she was so excited and out of breath) it was sooooooooooooo accurate Mom!

***sigh*** And that my friends makes it ALL worth it! :) All the trouble, all the tears, all the worry, all the running around....EVERY SINGLE BIT was worth it. Yes, she HAS to be connected to an insulin pump. No, she doesn't HAVE to be connected to Dexcom.....BUT it gives us peace of mind and it's worth every stinking penny! So there ya have from the Mom of a Type 1 and a 12 Year old Type 1.

I'm sure there will be more reviews, trials and excitement as we move forward with this journey.

Dexcom 7, we love you and we're glad you gave us GREAT times but we're lovingly retiring you with Goober (her old Cozmo pump).

With love,

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