Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ping Hookup

Today we had our pump training for the new Animas Ping that Kacey will be hooked up to.
Arriving in the Diabetes Center and waiting for our favorite CDE to come in for training.
Our amazing CDE sitting with Kacey and showing her how to operate the pump. They're linking up the systems for the first time here. Kristen said "They're married" and Kacey said "Nope they're best friends"...LOL!
Kacey holding an Inset 30. She's really wanting to try her sites on her own but doing the Comfort Shorts, she just can't do them so we're thinking about switching to the Inset 30 but Kacey wanted to try it first to see if thats what she wants. After some convincing, Kacey agreed to let our CDE helped me put one in. She was too nervous to push the buttons on her own but she was thrilled afterward and said, "Wow! I didn't even feel it!" Ahhhhhh! We're stepping in the right direction!
Look at that smile! :) I haven't seen that during a site change in a LONG time!!
Pure love!! She's so in love with this new system. I'll admit...I was waiting for some tears when it came time to disconnect "Goober" (her Cozmo pump) but she disconnected and was more than ready to hook up to the new pump.
Cheezin as she shows off the PINK site! She was so excited to find out about the colored sites. Guess we'll be asking for some Inset 30's with the next shipment!

Thank you Kristen for being such an amazing CDE. Not sure how we'd of made it this far without your support! You've been there since Day One and we're so blessed to have you to turn to each week.

Thank you Heather at Animas for crossing your fingers and praying for this to go through. You were there the night Kacey chose this pump system and we're blessed to have you along for the ride of this journey.

Thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield for being a great insurance company and making this process so easy for us!

Thank you to Frankie's work company for offering such a great insurance! So many families struggle without insurance and you all are kind enough to offer it as well as pay a portion of the monthly due.

Thank you to everyone that prayed for us during this process. God heard those prayers!

Thank you to my family and my BFF, Jillie for listening to my complaints, my worries, my hopes and praying for us during this whole process and before.

Thank you God for being YOU! You held my hand through this process and You never left my side. You heard and answered all our prayers about the pump. You are an Awesome God! We're so blessed!

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