Friday, November 11, 2011

P is for Patience

I will never forget the time my Mom taught me about "P is for Patience". It's been a running joke and everytime I see a single letter P thats all I used to think about but now.... P has another meaning as well.






That's right friends....last night we got a call from our amazing Animas rep and she told me she only had a few minutes but she wanted to share some good news.


This has been something I've been praying hard about latelty. Insurance companies are weird. VERY weird. When we got Kacey's other pump, we were with an old insurance company. So why in the world would it be so difficult to get a new company to cover the cost of a new pump? You've never made a claim for a pump with them so why so difficult? Also, the pump Kacey is currently on is now almost 4 months til warranty expiration. By the time we get everything done, it's going to be close to being expired. Why would those companies make you wait til the expiration is completely expired with a pump company that is no longer in business and will NOT honor a warrany past the expiration? That's insane! Talk about making a Momma panic...geesh! Our Animas rep is I said...but she was not very hopeful that it would go through because of that "warranty" so you can imagine our excitement when she called yesterday! Now we just have to fill out the "Trade-In" form and we should be all set. We're still not sure what upfront costs we will have. We do know our DME copay is an 80%-20% so we know that 20% of the cost is our copay but then I'm not sure what we will have to pay once we get the trade-in for her old pump. Either way...fingers crossed...she will have a brand new PINK PING by Christmas.

I have faith. My faith continues to hold strong. I know God answers prayers. He's showed me over and over that all we have to do is ask. So today I'm asking for prayers with finances. Pray that the upfront costs are within our budget. God knows...He knows before we do the path our lives are taking...He knows things will work out and the money is going to be there for this. I also pray for NO road blocks. I know we've got the approval but Satan wants to continue to munch in my ear and tell me that something is going to happen and they're going to say no. So for now I say....Satan, STAND BACK! All these things I pray and I ask that you pray in Jesus' name... Amen.

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Misty said...

P is for Party!!! That's what we're going to have (even if a virtual one;) when the pink ping arrives!