Saturday, November 5, 2011

Diabetes Doesn't Wait

Every Thursday, the girls have youth group at church. This past Thursday wasn't any different. We ate dinner before we left. We arrived in time for the girls to meet up with their friends. They listened to the message and participated in worship singing. Then it came time to break down into their small group...their Accountability groups. These groups are kids in their own grade...going through the same things...and growing in the same spiritual journey. We all meet in different parts of the church and I trust Kacey's leaders (plus I am only around the corner if they need me). About 10 minutes into group time, there was a knock on the door. I looked up and it was Kacey standing there mouthing "I'm low!" So I invited her into the hallway and sat her down beside me. She was shaking. Her legs were weak. Dexcom read 76 but she said she felt lower but she was also scared because she couldn't find me at first. OK...did you treat your low? She ate 1 glucose tab. ONE? Ughhhhh! Why only ONE? Because she'd forgotten to refill her tube. GREAT! So I had to drop what I was doing and leave to go outside and get her a snack and juice box.

As I treated her low, it made me ticked at diabetes. She missed her group time. DIABETES DOESN'T WAIT!! You have to stop what you're doing right then and treat the low. Diabetes isn't patient and it wants attention immediately. Diabetes affects EVERY SINGLE MINUTE, HOUR, DAY of Kacey's life. She can't just run outside and play without knowing what her blood sugar is. She can't just hop on her bike and ride down the drive way without looking at Dexcom. She's never gone to a sleepover. She can't just grab a snack without dosing herself. She can't do anything without knowing that blood sugar number. It sucks! It really does. But does she let that stop her? Nope!

After her blood sugar came back up, she went back to playing with her friends at church like it never happened. Thats what I love about her...she lets diabetes roll right off her back. Sure there are days when it affects her worse than others but for the most part, shes a normal, happy, compassionate and loving girl.

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