Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Homecoming G-town!'s a word that brings back some of the happiest memories of my 4 years of high school.

Homecoming...when all the schools celebrate and the football team plays a home game.

Homecoming...where we go for "class reunions" every year. I graduated in 1993 and Frankie graduated in 1989 and we both have friends that now have kids that are graduating from the SAME high school with Kayleigh.

When I was a freshman, I had the opportunity to experience a pep rally for the first time. Up until then, I'd heard of them but never really knew what they were. What an experience! The thrill of the entire school cramming onto bleachers in the gym with school colors blazing was such a thrill. I smile when I think about it and I even giggle at how silly we were...with pics to show for it!

So you can believe that when Kayleigh was in 8th grade, we were counting the time til she was finally a freshman and could have that same experience.

Homecoming week a.k.a. "Spirit Week" is always a fun time. The school changes the days each year so you never know until the week before what each day will be. All the schools in our town participate in this fun week but they're all different. We have always participated in the class spirit.

This year at Kayleigh's school was:
Monday- Gender Bender Day (Boys dress like girls and girls dress like boys...ummm 1/2 the school does that now already...hahahah!)

Tuesday- Breast Cancer Awareness Day- Wear pink!

Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday- self explanitory

Thursday- Throwback Thurs- Choose a decade and dress from that time

Friday- GHS Day- Wear your colors proud!

This year at Kacey's school was:
Monday- Twin Day- Dress like a friend

Tuesday- Fashion Disaster- Make a fashion statement!

Wednesday- Hillbilly or Heels- Dress like a hillbilly or wear your fancy clothes

Thursday- Dress like your Fav Teacher

Friday- Wear school colors or high school colors to support the team for the game tonight

Kayleigh is now a senior. The big dog on the bleachers. Each grade level wears a different school color. Freshman wear black, Sophmores wear yellow, Juniors wear red and Seniors wear tie-dye of red and yellow. Seniors make their own shirts and usually write all over them with black. It's been a tradition for years now. So we carried on the tradition and made the shirts this year! As we made the shirts, I had this huge lump in my throat. Another "last" for us. Her last Homecoming. Her last year in school. Our last time of doing this until Kacey gets to the high school. I was sad. I cried as I wrote "CLASS of 2012" on her shirt. I remember when we did her shirt as a freshman. I remember thinking 2012 is so far away and now it's right around the corner. As I wrote "CLASS of 2018" on Kacey's shirt, I didn't take this time for granted. Those 6 years are going to FLY just like they did with Kayleigh!

This afternoon will be packed with a pep rally at 2pm...followed by a parade down Main Street at 4:30pm...and then the football game at the stadium at 7pm. This is it!


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