Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6 Months Left

Only 6 more months.




Smith's Medical.

It all ends in less than 6 months. I'm starting to have those gut wrenches again. We were so sure we were going with MiniMed when this all started. It was the only pump we'd seen and held. Then in 2009, we had the luxury of actually holding 4 different pumps...MiniMed, Animas, Cozmo and OmniPod. Four choices...but only one stuck out for Kacey. Cozmo! She held it in her tiny hands like a cell phone. She beamed as she pressed the buttons. No matter what we did to convince her, she wanted Cozmo. When the pump finally arrived, it was instant love. More love than I'd ever see her give her blankie...a doll baby...or her favorite stuffed animal. Even more love than she had for Rufus...and believe me...thats A LOTTA LOVE!

I watched a bond form before my eyes that I knew would never be broken...Herbie! Then just about a week or so after we got Herbie, we got the letter. THE. LETTER. Smith's Medical was discontinuing the Cozmo pump but they would honor the current warranties for 3 years. March 2012. It seemed so far away at the time. Kacey had already bonded with Herbie so we made the difficult decision to stick with it. After all...3 years seemed so far away. Then in 2010, Herbie cracked and we had to send him back and got Goober as a replacement. He was identical to still loved but not as much as Herbie was.

Now here we are 6 months from the March 2012 date. Almost 3 years. Can you believe it? I'm back to the same question again....What do we do? The process will have to be started in the next 3 months and I really don't wanna think about it. We're comfortable with Cozmo and we're gonna have to be thrown out of the comfort zone...AGAIN! Is this the right time? there ever a right time? How will this affect things at school? Will Kacey be ready? Will she still want Animas? What happens if we choose Animas and then they intergrate the system? Whatever we choose, we're stuck with for 3-4 years again! Its a HUGE step. The whole process is a HUGE step.

Whyyyyyyyy O'whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did Cozmo have to go out of business?!?! :(

So here I sit...going back over the worry of what to do. I know we will make the right choice but I'm really not ready to jump.  Whatever pump we choose, I am going to convince Kacey to try an automatic set for it. She's so independent with her care and thats the one thing she has to have me do. We still have meltdowns every 3 days and I think once shes able to do the insertion herself then that will change. She did the same thing with injections. She'd cry when it was time for a shot but then once she could do them on her own then she didn't want anyone else doing them for her because she knew her own pain.

So if we choose Animas, which automatic insert sets would you all recommend? Ahhhhhh so many questions are swirling through my head!!

God give me the strength to overcome this fear and the confidence to make the right choice.


Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I'm sorry I can't offer pump advice, but definitely keep praying about it. God will open the doors!

Kelly said...

We have MM and we love it. My daughter also uses their CGM. I would recommend it. They also have an automatic inserted one, called the Mio. They have several different site choices, I think they will send you a sample on of them to try. Good luck with your choice.

Penny said...

Just a thought...OmniPod has automatic insertion, nothing manual. My 9 year old has been able to so her own site changes for close to 2 years now. It's an option. I know you will make e right choice for you and her!

Wendy said...

Addy started using the Insets (regular Insets, not the Inset 30's) with Cozmo when the Cleos didn't work. We love them!!

MM duplicated them for their proprietary tubing system a couple years ago, and named it the Mio.

I was determined to hate Animas, because I was SO MAD about losing Cozmo. I refused to consider MM, because it was their ridiculous lawsuit over a pre-populated bolus suggestion that was causing this loss.

I remember, in the beginning, picking apart every feature and comparing it to Cozmo, then SEETHING because I was SURE it would NEVER be as amazing.

One day at a time, I realized the Ping was (IS!) a phenomenal pump that offere the features MOST important to me.

Today I couldn't be happier with our Animas experience, and we just renewed our warranty with them a few months ago :)

I completely remember your jump to the pump. We have some history, girlie!

Jill said...

Thanks y'all!! <3

Wendy...I remember the start of our pump journey with you! You had such an impact with our care and reached out to me when I needed it most. I LOVE YOU!!! So here we are again...back to the beginning :( I'm still sad that we have to give up Cozmo and I'm certain Kacey wants Animas but all those "what-fis" are swirling again and so I'm hoping we do the right thing!!

susie said...

Just ran across your blog and haven't read it all but thought I would reply to this. My 16yr old has been pumping with an Animas 2020 for 4 years. He is an active athlete and prefers the Inset 30s because they do not come out as easily as the regular insets...but they hurt more going in...just a little bit more. He was diagnosed in 6th grade an has been pretty independent from the start. He is currrently taking a break from pumping because of out of control blood sugar problems that developed last spring. When he goes back to pumping, he is going to use the contact detach because we think part of the problem was kinnked canulas and scar tissue. Because a needle is left inside with the contact detach, we are going to wait until football and wrestling season are over. He is doing well with MDIs and just the other day he said he might not go back to pumping. His disease, his choice. But I wanted you to know that I love Animas and the support people there are terrific. Good luck with whatever you choose.