Saturday, February 5, 2011

Honor Roll & Praise

I am VERY pleased to announce....Kacey & Kayleigh both got HONOR ROLL...Kacey got 1 A and 3 B's and Kayleigh got 3 A's and 3 B's! And Kacey did it all while missing 15 days of school and countless days of leaving early. Yep...take THAT diabetes! I can only imagine what she'd be able to do if diabetes wasn't affecting her poor body so bad. Her teachers talked with me and explained that shes missing that "repetitive" teaching and she's not able to pick it up as fast as the other kids. I completely understand that BUT she's got some brains up there somewhere because she got Honor Roll. Thats saying ALOT... she was absent 15 days out of 80!

We were still having some pretty amazing blood sugars until last night. What happened? Shes got a SORE THROAT! Ughhhhhh! She goes back to school after finally getting well after a week home and now shes picked up some other kind of germ. So we started back on a temp basal and I gave her some Triaminic. is our chance to see if the Amoxicillan is what caused her severe itching. I spoke with her NP and she doesn't seem to think it was the antibiotic that caused the severe itching so since she still has pills left, and her rash and itch have been completely gone since Tues, I started her back on it and we're going to see what happens. Hopefully she doesn't break out! This is the one thing I really hate about public school....GERMS! It's so hard to keep her well when the desks are side by side and they change classes several times a day so the germs from other kids are all over her desk. This weekend, I am buying her a can of those Lysol wipes for her to keep in her tub as she changes classes. I told her that when she goes into the class, then she can wipe the desk down and try and cut down on the germs. It's sad that I have to do this but I've got to try and help her every way I can! I've even gotten so bad with wiping the carts down when I go into Walmart. If I can help just a little with her getting sick then I will do what I have to do.

Last night I had the opportunity to bond with Kayleigh in a way we've never bonded before. We were blessed with the chance to attend the first Women's Praise & Worship at our church and we got to listen to guest speaker Ann Sullivan, who happened to be the one who wrote the cookbook that was on display in the foyer. As you all know, cooking and baking is Kayleigh's passion! So she was grabbed into the speech immediately. As Ann spoke, I could feel the spirit moving me. Kayleigh and I both ended up being moved to tears. We sat. We listened. We prayed. We sang. We worshipped. It was all women in the church and it was for women 16 and up. I contimplated on whether I should take Kayleigh with me or not. I prayed about it. I made the decision to take her and I'm SOOOO glad I did! As we sat there together, we had no worries. She wasn't bothered with the texts that were buzzing her phone. I wasn't worried about diabetes. All that mattered was that we were able to take some time together to share and give it all to God. I must say, as I watch Kayleigh's transformation, it literally brings tears to my eyes. Just the night before, she spent the evening with the youth group, Awaken. She's becoming more involved with them and she's so eager to be a part of the group. Then, last night she was offered a chance to go to the mall with some friends that seem to be "convenient friends". You know the ones....those friends that only call you to do something when they don't have anyone else. Those friends that are never there when you need them most. Yep! Those are the ones! Once she found out that I was going to let her go with me to the women's praise, she had a decision to make. Go with those friends or go with me. I told her it was up to her. You all know which decision she made! As we walked out of the church last night, she looked over at me and said, "I made the right decision tonight." More tears streamed down my face and I replied, "I KNOW you did!"

As we drove home, I could see the inspiration moving within her. She spoke about the speech and we talked some more about it. And then....the cookbook. I bought her a copy of the book. Inside was a handwritten message from Ann that she used the light from her phone to read, "May you be enriched and inspired as you share in these special recipes and memories that shaped our hearts and home at Sullystone. Simply Blessed, Ann" She smiled and just then...a light bulb went off! A few years ago, Kayleigh had this crazy idea to write a cookbook. She started to compile recipes from family and friends. The recipes came in from all angles and then...she found out her first Culinary teacher was leaving. She was so sad. Her passion started to dwindle and the cookbook got shoved to the side. Here is where the lightbulb comes year for her Senior year of school, she has to do something for her Senior Project. For the last two years, she's said she was going to make a wedding cake for her project. Seemed easy enough! friends....the inspiration is BACK! She is now going to consider making the cookbook her Senior project! I was so excited to hear her getting so excited about it. The recipes that she already collected are PRICELESS! We have some of Granny's recipes, some of her other Grandma's recipes and other family that scribbled their favorites onto some paper. So now here is her proposal....anyone that has a special recipe that they would like included in her cookbook can email me directly. She will continue to collect recipes through the summer and once her Senior project starts in September then the ball will start rolling. We're going to take this all the way to publishing so if you're serious about having one of your recipes in her book, then let me know! I will need a form filled out and mailed back to me. This is going to be so much fun! Once again, God places us where we are for a reason. God placed her beside me last night for a reason.

And I will close with a quote that I heard last night that most of us can relate to.....
"God makes a message out of a mess."

So Blessed,


Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

WOOT on the honor roll that awesome! Js teacher whos a B words says he misses too much class as well due to bgs...yet hes top the class....grrr.

Church sounds wonderful and the cookbook very awesome! What a joyful post!!

Hallie said...

Woo hoo! Way to go on the honor roll!
I hope Kacey gets healthy soon!!!
I love your story of your evening with Kayleigh at church. It sounds wonderful... And her cookbook idea sounds amazing! I'm excited just to read about it! I'd send you a recipe... But I've only got like - one- worth making!! Can't wait to hear how it progresses!!!

:) Tracie said...

I love that quote! Glad you both had a moving time, praise God for that!

Yeah on Honor roll for both girls! Great job mom!

Jane Kaylor said...

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