Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy Week!

WoW! It's been a busy few days. The girls have had several things going on with school and it's days like this that those that I feel like I get so behind on catching up here. Although I guess sometimes that can be good, huh?

Kacey finally decided to move to some new tummy territory. Usually she uses her sides and her hips but I've tried to convince her to move up her tummy above the nice little line of dots that have been created over the last 2 years. She did it! She didn't even cry! But we had to giggle because right before site change, she got a pump alarm. An alarm for CARTRIDGE EMPTY!

Yep her pump was completely out of insulin! She thought it was cool that it happened right before we were doing a change. Usually her pump has about 10 units left in it when we do changes but since she was having some high's with this cold she's battling, she was empty!!

Yesterday I was blessed to witness some of God's most beautiful work.

I have to take Kayleigh out to the school bus at 6:30am and now that the time is starting to change, by the time I get back to the house, the sun is coming up. This is what I was able to witness yesterday.
Then yesterday evening, right as the sun was starting to set, there was a sun dog. I've heard Frankie talk about sun dog's before but I never really knew what one was. He has always said that the "old timers" would say when you saw a sun dog that it meant that bad weather was on the way. Every time he has seen one, we've had bad weather. Last night was no exception. I went out to take several pics of it and last night....we were blessed with about an inch of snow! How cool? Right? I think so! But once again, I was blessed to witness something so beautiful right before my eyes!
A HUGE Thank you to Bayer for sending me out the coupon for the FREE A1c kit so fast. We got it a few days ago and I used to to buy the kit yesterday...saving me $28! The pharmacist asked me how I got my hands on such a great coupon? LOL...I told her what happened with the error code and so basically I got one test free. But it's nice that a company can back up such a great product!
And....for those of you that are looking for the perfect diabetes carry all...check out the SUGAR BOLUS over at Hallie's Blog, The Princess and The Pump. She's got a great contest going on to win a very cool bag from Skidaddle. So pop over there and check it out! You could be the next WINNER! :)

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Rachael said...

LOVE that you are pumping with a Cozmo! I still love my green one! I took advantage of the getting a new one when they went out of business. Although my Pink Animas is wonderful, I still like the ease and functioning of the Cozmo better! What a BEAUTIFUL sunrise! Have an awesome day! :)