Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sticky J Coupon Code

For those of you that are looking for a simple alert bracelet. I highly recommend Sticky J bracelets. These were Kacey's first alert bracelets and we loved them! They're offering a coupon and I thought I'd share it for you all to use!

Dear Sticky Jewelry Customer,

It's almost Valentines day, and we're offering past customers a 20% discount on any jewelry or gift item sold by Sticky Jewelry. Nothing has been excluded from this sale, not even our already-discounted Clearance Items, and there's no limit to the number of times you can use your discount between now and February 15th.
Since Valentines Day orders need to ship no later than February 11th to arrive on Valentines Day, we're offering expedited shipping options as well. Plus, we invite you to share this discount code with friends and family members so that everyone can receive a gift that's been personalized just for them.
There is even a special page devoted to heart shaped gifts so you can easily find the one best suited to your Valentine.

The discount code to use for our 2011 Valentines Day sale is: REDHEART

It's good until February 15th, but if you shop soon, you'll have the best selection from our already-discounted Clearance section, and you'll avoid the expedited shipping charges often incurred by last-minute shoppers.
Visit us at and save during our special Valentines Day sale.
Lori Torman, President
Sticky Jewelry
(727) 823-9500
Discount code may not be used to purchase a gift certificate, and may not be used in combination with a gift certificate or any other discount offer. Offer is good only for purchases made online at between January 25th and February 15, 2011

I hope someone gets some use out of it! We no longer use Sticky J alert bracelets but it wasn't because we didn't like them. We ended up finding Road ID last year and we've used them ever since. I like having all of Kacey's info on the front of her bracelet. I encourage you to look into both bracelets. We think they're GREAT!


Reyna said...

We started using Road ID too!!! LOVE IT.

Jill said...

Woohooo! :) I like how you can add 6 lines of info and its right on their arm...just in case! Kacey had a purple one to start but somehow she lost it so my Mom ordered her another one and its pink! Did you use all the lines on J's? Kaceys has:

Her full name
Diabetic Type 1
Insulin Pump Dependent
Emergency Contact:
Jill (Mom)- my cell number
Frank (Dad)- his cell number

We LOVE it! When she had the Sticky J bracelet, it said "DIABETES" on one side with the med alert sign and then in small letters it said (See Other side for info) and it said "CALL MOM" and my cell number. I didn't like that you had to take it off to get the info but it served it's purpose and the bands held up great! They were only $5 to replace too so she had a few that she'd change out :) but again...we LOVE our Road ID and I like the fact that you could order the one that had all the medical info that you could download for it. We didn't get that one but I'm guessing as she gets older then thats an option for sure! :)

NikDuck said...

I may use this code to get Natalie a more casual one for when she plays soccer this spring. I'm not sure I understand how the stainless tag with info on it works on the sports bands though?? Need to look at that a little more. She has a pretty one from Lauren's Hope we just gave on facebook!