Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rash- Day 2

I'm frustrated. I'm scared. I'm tired.

We're on day 2 of this rash that is sopposedly from a food allergy. Last night was insane! I listened to my baby scream out and cry hysterically because she was itching so bad and nothing we did would take the itch away. She kept saying she felt like her skin was "crawling". Miserable! Completely miserable!

She took 60mg of Prednisone and 4 doses of Benedryl (2 tablets) and NOTHING was settling the itch. I put cold compresses on her. I had her get a cool shower since a warm one seemed to irritate the hives even more. I tried powder. I tried anti-itch cream. Nothing worked! She finally cried so much that she fell asleep from exhaustion.

Her blood sugars are CRAP! Last week she was in range 4% of the time....FOUR! Yuck! So of course the Prednisone sent them further in the crapper and she didn't come out of the 400's all afternoon. Which in turn led to her screaming mad. She screamed things that made my heart wrench with pain.

"I hate diabetes!"
"Diabetes sucks!"
"I wish I didn't have diabetes!"
"High AGAIN? Why ME?"
and finally....
"I feel like someone hit me with a car and then threw me in a dump"

Ughhhhhh! I got in the shower and cried so hard last night. I know something is going on in her body. Theres a rash to prove it. Her sugars were crap before the rash and she had the freaking fever! But this is the hardest part about diabetes....NO CONTROL! There is nothing I can do. There is no magic pill to make her better. There is no amount of consoling that can make her feel better. I can't take this away. It's frustrating! :(

I trust a doctor to make a diagnosis. I get a diagnosis and think things will get better and her body is still throwing this curve ball that doesn't seem to end. Now the doctor can't even tell me WHAT this rash is.

The did a CBC and a titer....all came back normal. Strep is still negative. It looks like hives. It itches like hives. Yet, she was running a 99.4* fever when we got there. He said if it was 5ths disease, she wouldnt itch and she'd have slapped cheeks. If it was strep, she wouldn't itch like this and her strep would be positive. If it was Roseola, she would have ran 103*-104* fever and then the rash but she wouldn't be itchy. So the only other thing is an allergy. An allergy to WHAT though? It's not something from skin to surface contact. It's got to be something she ate. She hasn't eaten anything different than she normally does. Was it a medication? The only thing she took was Motrin for the fever last week. No other medications other than....her insulin. Nothing else she could have possibly eaten or gotten hold of? WHAT?!? Ok...I felt like I wanted to smack this elf eared so called doctor that wanted to know what he was talking about! I looked at him and said...."Ok so if you don't know what this is then what do we do next? Who do we take her to?" He went on to say that we needed to wait a few days and see where this went with the new meds. UGH! Ok...so if shes got a rash and shes got a fever now...thats NOT something to "WAIT and see". Grrrrr! See the frustration here!

I'm in the process of contacting her Endo to find out what they want us to do. I took pics and attached them to show them. This is INSANE! I will keep you all updated as we find out what this mystery rash is!


Kelly said...

I'm so sorry! This has got to be frustrating. The only time I ever had hives that bad was right before my first diabetic symptoms started. They told me at the time that it could be an auto-immune response to some virus (like strep). They didn't figure it out before the hives went away, though.

Cold water used to really help mine. When they were on my face, sometimes I would fill up the sink with cold water and just soak my face until the itch/pain went away. I think Claritin helped mine a little too. I hope she gets better soon!

Amy said...

I feel so bad for you and Kasey!!!!! Not knowing is almost as bad as the rash I bet. Hope it all clears up as quickly as it came on!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

ugh!!! Poor baby!! Hope this goes away fast!! (((hugs)))

meanderings said...

I had hives in my 30's and it took awhile to figure it out. It was not fun and Kacey's right, it hurts. Did the allergy testing and nothing showed up positive.
Benadryl didn't help. Atarax did help.
Hope this all disappears soon for Kacey.

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

Oh Jill - - - I am so sorry for you and Kacey. I hope you get some answers soon and she gets some relief STAT!!!!

Misty said...

YUCK yuck yuck! I'm so sorry that she is dealing with this. With the fever it makes me think it could be related to a virus?? But what do I know?!??!? My girls both just had a rash that itched them like CRAZY for days...a few days later they were sick and the rash went away. I hope it is something as simple (although I know its not really simple) as this and nothing more. Hoping that she can find some relief.

Anonymous said...


My daughter, who is a type 1 diabetic as well, had similar issues a few years ago - fever, rash (on the trunk of her body). The doctor said that she had Scarlett Fever. Luckily he knew this even without conducting any tests. She took antibiotics and everything cleared up quickly.

Just thought that I would let you know about our experience. Who knows, perhaps this too may be scarlett fever.

All the best to you and Kasey.


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