Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Friend Forever

Rufus...need I say anymore? Most of the Moms of diabetic children out there know who Rufus is! For those of you that don't....Rufus is a diabetic teddy bear that is given by JDRF to children recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He came in a nice little backpack with a book about going to school with diabetes. He's been there for Kacey from the very beginning! It seems like every time she gets sick, he's right there with her! There is not a night that goes by that she won't make sure she has him with her. When I look back through the last 2.5 years of pictures, it's funny to see him pop up in different pics. Here are just a few.....

 Rufus joined Kacey at the JDRF awards banquet where she won an award for 1st place in the tshirt contest.

 Rufus was there when she got her very first diabetic alert bracelet

 Rufus always goes to Endo appointments with us but he makes sure to cover his face so he doesn't get any germs!

He waits with Kacey while the Endo gets her A1c results.

 Rufus takes a trip to the hospital where diagnosis began.

Rufus always seem to be around on diabetes sick days.

 Rufus was there when Kacey attended her very first JDRF awards banquet and won several awards.

Rufus was there to promote sneaker sales!

 Rufus was there for our very first JDRF Walk in 2008.

 Rufus in his younger days when his hair was still "fluffy".

Rufus at a year old!

 Rufus was there when Kacey did her first radio interview to promote JDRF and the walk.

Rufus is always there!

Even on the crappy horrible sicky high days.

Rufus when he was only about a month old. Kacey was practicing injections on him with water.

He was even there when Kacey got her glasses!

He still manages to make her feel better....even when those blood sugars are pinging like ping pong balls!

And....the next two pictures...Rufus is 2.5 years old now and you can see...his fur isn't fluffy anymore. His eyes can hardly be seen. His clothes have been replaced. He looks so worn out....but you know what....Kacey says, "He's not worn, he's just WELL LOVED!" Yep, that he is!  

And there you have no particular order (cuz I was too lazy to drag them in order...LOL)

Do you have a Rufus? Does your child have a Rufus? If not, is there something you're attached to? Does your child have something they clutch tight to when they are sick or their blood sugars are wreaking havoc on their bodies?

WE LOVE RUFUS!!!! (***special Thank You to Lori from JDRF for giving him to us when we needed him most!)


Joanne said...

Elise just rediscovered her Rufus... although she calls him Courderoy. She snuggled him last night while she feel asleep.

Wendy said...

We have PumpPal. He's a monkey. He's been around for 4 years of site changes...I wish I had more pictures documenting his part in our life. He never got a different name...PumpPal. That's who he is :)

Misty said...

Oh we have a Rufus too! He is the guy she turns to whenever she wants to explain things to her friends:)

Michelle said...

We have RufusES (plural): two little Rufuses and one "big Rufus." Our son loves them!

Rachael said...

It doesn't matter how old you are, stuffed animals can be your best friend!

I am not embarrassed to say that even though I am 30, there are some animal friends that have helped me through a lot! When I was younger, it was Emily cat! She's 15 years old now. Last year when I had my Hysterectomy it was a stuffed goat my wonderful boyfriend gave me. He also gave me a stuffed sheep (well several) named Abigail. She's been on my blog a couple times. She sometimes just goes places with us ;)

Bottom line, never give up on those little friends because its the meaning behind them that makes them so special!

Your "Sweetie" is so stinkin' cute. I LOVE her glasses!