Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Insurances SUCK! couldn't easy, could it? GRRRRRRRR!

I placed Kacey's order with Edgepark to get her next 3 months of pump supplies and I got a very nice phone call to verify the $1100 we would have to pay when they were shipped. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT?!?! Edgepark does NOT have a contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield to cover the supplies. DAMMIT!!!!

So I get on the phone and call BCBS. The rep said she'd do a 3way call with Edgepark to find out the codes for what we need and she would help us find a place that covered them. Do the 3way call, the rep puts me on hold and then she offers to call me back while she finds some place. She calls me back hours later and gives me the name of Home Care Delivered. She said she verified they cover her supplies and all I had to do was call and place the oder. Could it be that simple? HELL NO! I call them this morning and the lady says, "We only cover meter strips and lancets." WHAT?!?! So I call BCBS back and I get this VERY rude man and he gives me the name of a local company. I told him we always did mail order and he says in a rude tone, "Mam, I'm only trying to help you out!" So I got rude back and told him I didn't need his rude help and hung up. I called the place he gave me and guess what....THEY ARE NO LONGER IN BUSINESS!!! By this time I am in tears! So I call back to BCBS and get a nice lady who offers to send me a list of in network providers but it would be my job to find one that carries Kacey's supplies. It's been 15 minutes and I still don't have an email yet!

Anyone out there have Blue Cross Blue Shield for insurance able to help me and give me the name of an in network DME supplier? HELP!!


Lora said...

gosh... that does suck! I don't understand why they have to be so difficult. So STUPID! I would call back again and again until you find someone to help you.

Joanne said...

We have BCBS of Texas, but I'm guessing it differs from state to state. We use Prime Mail for all our supplies. But it was what was offered to us by BCBS.

We also have something called Blue Care (I think... too many names to remember). It's a program offered through BCBS that is totally free and gives us access to our own advocate who is an RN. If I ever have any questions about things like mail order etc, I just call her direct line.

I hope you get some answers SOON!

Joanne said...

I just went through Elise's file and looked it up... it's called Blue Care Connection.

Amanda said...

Aargh, good luck!

Laura said...

I hate insurance companies. Period. They suck.

I am hoping by now you found the right company and everything has been worked out. Love ya girl! :)

Brenda said...

I HATE insurance too!!!

Denise said...

We also have BCBS (in Oregon) and I had a similar thing happen when we tried to order pump supplies (we also got referred to companies that no longer were in business or only carried strips and lancets....frustrating for sure!!)
My son is on an Animas Ping, and we always got the supplies directly from them (before we had BCBS). After tons of phone calls, turns out Animas is a preferred distributor so we can still get our supplies through them covered. Whew! Why BCBS didn't know this to start with is beyond me!
Good luck!