Friday, March 12, 2010

Pic Favs

As I was scrolling back through old pictures to use for Kacey's birthday post, I found some of my favs! These were taken before I had a digital camera and I was experimenting with black & white film. I've always been interested in photography.

I'm excited to do an update on Kayleigh's schedule and reveal some great news! Yep, probably 3 posts in one day...record for me! For those of you on my Facebook....Hurricane Jill did hit the high school and did some "minor" damage before being downgraded to a Tropical Storm ;) I'll explain more about what happened and the emails soon!

For now.... here are the pics :)

Kacey looking into the birdbath (2002)

We were actively involved in church and Kacey was praying here (2002)
Kacey holding the newly bloomed daffodils (2002)

LOL....this is a REAL fav of mine! She used to always put her hands up to her mouth whenever someone said "Uh-oh!" and she happened to fall and she put her hands up to say "Uh-oh!" and I snapped the pic. She's got that lil devil look ;) Hahaha....showing her true side!


Donna said...

GREAT pictures!! Thanks for sharing! =)

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