Monday, March 29, 2010

Crazy Week

How do you spell insane? ......D-I-A-B-E-T-E-S!
The last week has been insane for me and I'm so ready to give in. It all started after dinner last Sunday evening. Kacey was a 116 for dinner...perfect! We'd had a fun filled day outside with my friend Jill and her kids and then we took Chloe for a walk so I was pleased with a 116. Just 42 minutes later....

A 40?!?! Where the hell did that come from?!?! She didn't catch this one....I DID! She ate her dinner and then layed down on the couch. I was getting the house cleaned up and I walked past her and asked her if she was ok? With slurred words she said, "I'm so tired". Sit up and test now! So she sat up and she immediately put her hands on her head and said she felt like she had bricks sitting on top her head and then she burst into tears. I grabbed her test kit and was shocked to see that 40 on the screen. I immediately recalculated her carbs. Yep, we dosed right! So THIS is what we get for an afternoon of playtime? DAMN DIABETES!
Cake icing! She was too tired to chew and so I used the icing to bring her up to a 149.

Ewwwwwwww! I HATE lows like these! Just 30 minutes later, she dropped to a 109. I had her test again before bed and she was a 112. OK, holding steady? Nope! Just 15 minutes later, she was a 64...15 more minutes....79. UGH! So we treated with Barbie gummies and some milk. By 9pm, she was up to a 177. Whew! I was still worried about her falling so an hour later I tested her again...390....WTF?!? So now we've overcorrected? This SUCKS! I spent the rest of the night trying to get her down.

The next day at school, she had lunch and she was an 89 before lunch. Sounds perfect, right? Nope! Just 45 minutes after lunch, she felt like she was going low again. She tested and she was a 116 with 6.5 units of IOB. SCARY! The nurse called me (thankfully I'm doing my long term sub job so I'm right down the hall) and I treated her with a pack of Goldfish crackers. She was already full from lunch so she didn't want to eat those. So 30 minutes later, she tested and she was a 86. Yikes! Still falling! So I had her eat 4 glucose tabs, in hopes that some of that would balance the IOB she had. soon as she ate them....she puked! Grrrrr! So now we didn't have any food in her tummy and still over 5 units of IOB. Blech! She threw up because she was so full and the sugar made her "sugar sick". Now what? She wouldn't drink soda or juice...she wasn't hungry...hmmmm? I finally convinced her to eat a fruit roll up. She ended up coming to sit in the classroom with me because there were kids in the nurse that were sick and I didn't want her around that illness if I could help it. She ended up eating about 30 pretzel sticks and another fruit roll up and came up to a 111 and then 15 minutes later she dropped to a 95 and in another 15 minutes she was a 71. BLECH!! I couldn't keep her blood sugar up to save my life. She finally had NO IOB and she was VERY tired. She came up to an 85 and then to a 137. At dinner....360! I guess all the sugar finally caught up with her :(

She ran high all night and at 2am Herbie said "BG over 500". I knew I was in for a long night and I was struggling because I was still battling a really bad cold that kicked my asthma into full gear. I was taking Nyquil so I could sleep and Frankie took the night shift. I had a fieldtrip with my class on Wednesday and I knew if I sent Kacey to school and she had the day she had the other day then we'd struggle. Sooooo...since Wednesday was Frankie's day off....and she woke up with a 373 (yuk!) ...she stayed home all day :) She ended up running low all day and dropping around 2pm to a 64. Frankie didn't call me and tell me because he didn't want me to worry while I was at work.

On Thursday, she was back to school but she ran high all night and dropped low all day. She doesn't understand why she feels so crappy and we're not sure why she keeps dropping like this. She's not feeling the lows til she's well into the 40's now.

On Friday, she had a fieldtrip and I had already arranged to go on the trip with her. She did fine and we made sure she was in range before we got off the bus to take the tour. She was a 258. Yep, high with excitement. I figured she'd be fine since it was 9am and we'd be eating at 12pm. At 11am, she was a 168. We were over halfway through the tour and she was feeling fine. At 12:30pm, we got on the bus for lunch since it was pouring rain. Kacey sat down and tested....52!! CRAP!!! It's a REALLY good thing that I was on the trip and her teacher was relieved that I was there. Just one more reason why I go on EVERY trip with her. So we treated and thankfully I had some extra snacks with us. When we got back to school at 1pm, she was a 109. She still had IOB and I wasn't sure which direction her sugar was going? I gave her all the extra snacks that I took with us and it's a good thing that I did! Just 30 minutes later, she was a 62!!! Then she ran high all night again.

By Saturday, I was ready for a MUCH needed break! I was STILL struggling with a lingering cold that had lasted 2 weeks already. I spent the morning doing some digital scrapbooking with a friend and then spent the evening with friends for dinner. We had more lows that afternoon but only in the 70's.

Yesterday, we took the girls to Busch Gardens for the first time this year. We've had seasons passes since they were little. My Mom gives us the passes for Christmas every year and we definately put them to use since it's only 30 minutes from us. We had a gorgeous day to go but diabetes decided to rear it's ugly head only an hour after we got there. She dropped to a 49 with NO warning! She wasn't even feeling the low :(

Today she did the same thing! Just an hour after arriving at school today, she dropped to ANOTHER 49! We treated and she came up to a 149 and then she stayed up the rest of the day.

The most frustrating things about all of this???? She's not showing any pattern except being high at night. We made some night time basal changes but we can't make any during the day because the lows are all over the place. I know they are not lows from miscalculations because I've been checking after her to make sure she's adding correctly. Her body is just doing some crazy stuff. We thought at first that it was because she was ovulating and we thought maybe that was causing her sick stomach but I'm not so sure that is what it is? Whatever it's got me FRUSTRATED!!

So sorry I've been MIA around here and in chat. I'm STILL...yes STILL...battling this cold. I've got a terrible cough that wears me out and then after being with a classroom of 17 Kindergarteners...I'm just exhausted by the end of the day. I've taken an antibiotic....been on Nyquil/Dayquil for the last week...and I just got some Tylenol Cold & Cough so I hope that helps kick this crap! I've got loads of pics to share but I'll find time to load those soon. For now, I'll try and check in when I can. Frankie and I have both come to the conclusion....I'm DEFINATELY NOT ready to go back to work full time! My girls need me and this full time job is wearing on me....although that paycheck is gonna be nice :) I'm hoping to get a new camera since mine is really wearing out. It's hard for me to get everything done that I need to get done at home. Next week is Spring Break so I should have a little more time for updating.

Thanks to those of you that checked up on me!


Laura said...

Girl, those are some crazy numbers. Poor thing! I hope you get it worked out soon!! AND I hope you get to feeling better right away! It's no fun when momma is sick!!

Love to you girlies!!

Meri said...

I'm sorry for all the craziness! I know when they start that time of month a lot of craziness ensues. I hope things even out for her soon. Those lows are so exhausting! (For everyone!) Poor girl! Poor Momma!

Get better soon Jill!!!

Melissa said...

Have you tried using the combo bolus? There are times when I go low shortly after eating and then sky high later. If you use a combo bolus, there will be less insulin up front (preventing the low) and more insulin later (preventing the resulting high). I most often use it in the evening when I have more high-fat meals.

Also, if you find that you didn't give enough upfront, you can always cancel the extended portion and give it as a regular bolus.

Anyway, feel free to experiment. I hope it helps.