Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Results Are In

Today has been more chaos than I thought it would be!

Last week, Kacey's Endo office called to reschedule her check up appointment because on the 18th, there was a conflict with several doctors using the same office at the same time. So the receptionist asked if we could come on the 19th instead. I agreed the 19th would be better because at the time she was going to the dermatology appointment as well and it would only be one lost day of school. This morning, the NP that we were scheduled to see called my cell phone and asked me if I'd like to take one of the appointments at the Newport News office (40min drive) tomorrow instead of the Norfolk office (1hr 30min drive) today. Ummm....NORFOLK OFFICE?!?! We changed appointments and they scheduled us for the wrong office! :( I'd already taken Kacey out of school for the day and so we decided to keep the Norfolk appointment and just make the drive. This meant we had to rush around because it was already 11:30am and we still needed to get ready!

We made it to the hospital at 1:42pm....the appt was at 1:45pm!! Whew! I got Kacey registered in and we only waited about 5 minutes before they called her back. Why, oh why, did I have this knot in my throat? I knew her A1c had gone up but I wasn't prepared for HOW MUCH! They took her stats...everything perfect. Her height and weight are in sync and there's nothing to be concerned about. She's growing fine and developing as she should. This is the first time the nurse gave Kacey the clip board and asked her to answer the first 3 questions at the top by herself. WOW! Kacey was so excited to do a "big girl" thing. Here are her questions and answers...
We sat and looked over her pump settings and she tweaked those overnight basals some more because I'm still correcting those 2am sugar checks. She said her sugars during the day are wonderful compared to what they were prior to the carb ratio and correction factor changes so we're going to leave those alone for now. I did ask to speak to someone in more detail about using the Extended and Combo dosing. We've been at this pump thing for almost a year now and we always use the straight bolus and when she eats the pizzas and pastas, her numbers are out of control and I think thats whats causing her to keep those highs. We were thrilled to hear that our favorite CDE was working and she popped in to see us. She sat with us and explained how to use those boluses in more detail and I think I'm confident enough to start using them.

The results of her A1c..... 8.6%

YUK!! I'm so disappointed! I know I shouldn't be because I couldn't control what happened to her body the last month, but I am. I tried not to let Kacey see how much it upset me. Our NP explained to Kacey that she went through ANOTHER growth spurt... 1/2 inch so she's now 56 1/2 inches tall and she also started her period so that made her hormones go crazy and so it was expected for her A1c to go up. She told us we were still doing a great job and to keep testing and trying to keep her sugars as in range as we could. ***sigh***

Before we left, we had to go to the lab for more bloodwork. We stopped off at the restroom first because Kacey was so nervous that she had to go. When we got into the lab, the first thing they did was hand us a pee cup....HAHAHA! I knew she wouldn't be able to go so they did her bloodwork first and then we tried again. Nope! Nada! Nothing! I tried running the water. I danced around the bathroom trying to make her laugh so she would have to pee....still NOTHING! So we had to pass on the pee test and they'll just have to deal with it ;)

So there ya have it....up ONE FULL POINT since October! We have until May to bring it back down...fingers crossed!


Amy said...

Deep breath...and move on...right??? Jill...you are really doing fabulous! There is SO much more to managing this than that stupid number--even though we seem to live and die by it!

I loved Kacey's answers....she's growing up and is growing up well because you're doing a great job. Keep it up...if I know you...that A1C better watch out...cause your on it now!

:) Tracie said...

That sucks. Jessi was 8.2% friday the 8th. Up from 8.0, I really thought she'd break into the 7's..but alas, no deal.

It probably is her hormones, you're usually so good with her numbers. But it still stings a bit. The important thing is, she's alive and doing well and has the pump so her basals can be tweaked and you can shoot for more control. Not to mention a lower A1C next time!

Just try to stop kicking yourself.....diabetes doesn't play fair! You're doing a great job, really.

Hallie said...

Don't beat yourself up! You are doing a great job! Life has just thrown some crazy stuff at you - I'm sure it's very normal and nothing to be worried about. And I'm sure we'll be right there with you in March! Ave's numbers have.. well, sucked.. since our last visit.

I loved Kacey's answers too! What a darling girl she is! Growing up too fast!

Renata Porter said...

I think the best thing to take out of this is that the both of you are paying attention and working on her regimine every day. THAT you have to be proud of. Guess what, in 3 months she will have a new number.

Anonymous said...

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