Saturday, December 19, 2009


THANK YOU KATHY & KAITLYN!!!! I finally gave in and let the girls open the Secret Santa gift. It arrived several days ago and we've been so busy and I wanted to get some proper pics so I wouldn't let them open it. They've been so good today and we've got some nasty weather outside so we've been stuck inside all day so I finally let them open it!
They read the note first and Kacey was thrilled with the postcard showing the hospital! They were THRILLED with this puzzle. Over the summer, I got them one at Busch Gardens with fish on it and it took them weeks to figure it they're busy working on this one as I type this!
Kacey was tickled over the wrapping of this present and she shook it like a pompom while Kayleigh opened one of the other presents.

I'm sure you can see how much she loved the next present!
One of the coolest presents was a corn cob that you actually pop the corn off of and make popcorn. They thought this was the neatest thing and they can't wait to try it :)

The "hawk food" was a hit! I've never seen candy coated sunflower seeds. The candle smells YUMMY too!!! And the dice game is a perfect "on the go" game for them and Kacey can stash it in her diabetes bag to help them pass the time when we have to wait somewhere. Perfect!

Thank you again for shopping for us :) We're so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful D-Family! I'll share more pics when they make the popcorn!


AjsMommy82 said...

Hey I thought you were supposed to wait until Christmas to open the gift!
Anyways thanks for the secret santa idea it was really fun!

Wendy said...

Yeah...((WINK WINK)) gave in and them THEM open it. I gotchya sista :)

Secret Santa was so much fun...I can't wait until CHRISTMAS to see who everyone had!