Thursday, December 10, 2009

My First Blog Award

I just received my first award from Lora over at My Diabetic Child. I'm so excited! THANK YOU!! Now I have to fulfill the job of this award. I have to list 5 things that I love in no particular order.
1. Frankie~ He works so hard to provide for our family just so I can be a stay at home Mommy. When I got pregnant with Kacey, he didn't want her stuck in a daycare all day and he worked long hours so we could have the things we needed and wanted. He drives a tractor trailer and hauls heavy equipment so 90% of his job is spent doing hard labor work. This means he endures the nasty rain, cold weather and hot humid VA summers just so I can be there for my girls when they need me. Thank you hunni!
2. My girls, Kayleigh & Kacey~ Without them, my life would be so dull. I know I get frustrated when I'm swamped with things to do for them but I couldn't imagine my life without them. I've always lived for them and they come first, no matter what! Kayleigh is now 15yrs old and I'm starting to think about how my days are going to be without her at home with us. It makes me so sad sometimes! Kacey tells me that she's never moving out...LOL....that'll change! I love them both so much!!
3. Scrapbooking~ This has become such a great outlet for me. I enjoy the days I've set aside (one weekend every month) and I've finally organized the last 15 years of pictures and now it's time to work on putting those into albums by year. I like being able to sit at a table from 9-5 and not have a care in the world (ok...I care...and I still answer the phone when it rings and I'm asked how many carbs something has in it...LOL!) but for one whole day I don't have to worry about doing any chores or cooking ;)
4. My Blog~ If Kacey had not have been diagnosed with diabetes, I never would have started blogging. When we came home from the hospital, I needed some way to put my feelings down and so my blog was born. I never expected anyone to read it....never expected for people to comment....but when it happened, I felt like someone was hearing me! I started to use it as a voice. It wasn't long before I started to learn what a Blog Roll was and started connecting with other Moms going through what I was. And....they GOT IT! They knew how I felt...and it made me feel like I wasn't so abnormal for feeling the things I was. I'll forever be thankful for finding them all :)
5. My Mom~ I don't know what I'd do without her. She's been my rock so many times. Days when I felt like I just couldn't do it....she said YES YOU CAN! I got pregnant at 18yrs old with Kacey and telling her I was pregnant was the hardest thing I'd ever had to do. I knew she'd be so disappointed in me...and she was. But...the silence only lasted 2 days ;) She kept telling me....whats done is done and now we have to move on and figure out how to do it. She went to every single doctors appointment with me and was there for the delivery. She has NEVER left my side and I'm so greatful for her. Every Saturday, I still get my girls up at 7am and we go meet my Mom for breakfast and spend the morning shopping til around 1-2pm. I can't imagine my life without her. for the tagging...I'm gonna try and tag ones that I haven't seen tagged yet.
Tracie at Such Is Life


Shamae said...

Gret list!! Hey Jill not sure if you've been to my blog recently but I'm asking the d-moms to email me a pic of them or their kid doing something d related---checking a sugar, giving an injection or bolus. I'm making something for us. ;D Thanks!

Meri said...

Shopping and breakfast EVERY Saturday...that is SO up my alley! AWESOME!!!!

:) Tracie said...

Thanks for taggin me! I've never been tagged either!

Hope Kacey's doing better with her pump changes. :)