Thursday, December 3, 2009

Correction Change

I got an email from Kacey's CDE today. I emailed blood sugars from last week and she emailed me back and said she discussed things with Dr. R and he thinks that Kacey's correction factor needs to be changed because she's not dropping enough when it's used.

So why am I so sad? Why did this email feel like a punch in my gut? I've sat here with my eyes welling up with tears. This is the first time we've had to change the correction factor before. I'm used to changing ratios and basals. Thats something we've done every few weeks since diagnosis but we've never messed with the correction factor. Her correction factor was 75 and now it's changed to 60.

So what does this mean? It means she's needing more insulin to bring her blood sugar back down to a safe number. So basically she was getting 1 unit of insulin for every 75mg/dl over 150. So if her blood sugar was 225 and she gave herself a correction then she'd get one unit of insulin and it should bring her back to 150 which is her target. In order to figure it out we'd do 225 (her current blood sugar)-150 (her target blood sugar)=75 divided by 75 (her correction factor)= 1 unit. So now they want her using 60 instead of 75. So if shes 225-150=75 divided by 60= 1.25 units...instead of just 1 unit.

But still....why am I so sad? I know her pancreas doesn't work. I know she needs more insulin at different times. But it still has me feeling upset. I think it's because this was really the last change that we'd not made and now we've adjusted everything at one point or another. It's also the reality that my baby, isn't so much a baby anymore. I've noticed some "changes" in her body and it just makes me sad because both my "babies" are growing up so fast right before my eyes and there will never be anymore babies for me. The increases in her insulin are probably the "changes" her body is making and the start of puberty as well as more growth spurts. So I guess I'm happy that she's developing like a normal little girl but I'm sad because I know she's growing up.

On a happy note....I did some shopping for my Secret Santa. YAHOOOOOO! I'm so excited about this exchange and look forward to shipping everything off soon! :)


:) Tracie said...

Scary as change is...without it, there would be no progress.

Our youngest are the same sex/age/grade and the only thing that separates their type 1 is diagnosis year. I know what you mean about growing up, they've had to do so much of that already. I look at Jes sometimes and wonder where it all went! (catch me when I'm mad, and I'll change my tune!)LOL!

Rachel said...

I understand how you feel. But you know, Tristan is only 6 and we've already had to do a change in the correction factor.

Look at it this way..... more control over her blood sugar, which is a good thing! :)

Amy said...

((HUGS)) Change is SO hard for us...we've only changed Jada's correction factor once, as she was coming out of her honeymoon stage. We haven't had to change anything since then but her breakfast insulin to carb ratio...and that was a toughie for me, because it was a DRASTIC change. I hear ya, sweetie!!!

Nicole said...

So sorry that you are sad! It is so hard to see your babies growing up. Good luck with all the changes diabetic and non. We had a really bad End appointment today her 3 month # (I think you guys call it her A1c or something) is 10....not good!! We are making huge changes!!

Wendy said...


She's growing up.

We change that stinkin' thing all the time -- and it's different at different times of the day. Tweak Tweak Tweak....keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times!!!!