Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mist vs. Shot?

Kacey's school will be giving out the H1N1 vaccines and I've got myself in a knot over it. I talked to her CDE and her Endo is suggesting that their patients get the mist. Why mist? Isn't that dangerous for someone with a chronic illness? She explained that it was more effective for her to get it that way since it was the live virus than to get the shot which wasn't live.

So I talked to the school nurse and I checked the box for "mist" but now I'm still worried. According to the research I've done....this is what I found....

"However, information released by MedImmune, the makers of FluMist, earlier this year, claim that the FluMist is safe for children with compromised immune systems. I quote from their website, "In our pilot study, immunocompromised children with cancer who received FluMist had no related serious adverse events, explained Pat Flynn M.D., director, clinical research, infectious diseases, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We believe these data are promising and add to the extensive body of evidence supporting the overall safety of FluMist in the population for whom it is approved. A larger study will help us confirm the safe use of FluMist in immunocomprised patients.""

I also found out that people that get the mist carry and shed the live virus for 21 days. OK....so if we don't get the mist then Kacey has the chance to be exposed to the live virus from every other student in her class. This sounds pretty damn scary if you ask me!!! What about us? Since she gets the mist, then aren't we at risk at home of being exposed to it? Kayleigh's school isn't offering it yet and I'm not sure when they are due to get them. Since I work for the school, I have the opportunity to get it. I'm just scared!

I need some help with this one! Anyone had the mist? Any D-Moms take their children with diabetes to get it yet? Any symptoms afterward?


Nicole said...

We brought Cara, Connor, Kylie, Kirstin and Cody to get the shot. Over here they were given the shot in 2 doses. But now they are saying that children do not need the second doses. It is all very confusing, it seems like no one really knows what is going on. I don't think that we have the mist available in Canada. Giving someone the live virus sounds is a little scary to me. It is such a hard decision....Good luck!

Rachel said...

As far as I know Nicole, the mist is not available in Canada.

Tristan's endocrinologist said that under no circumstances should we allow Tristan to get the mist. He said it's very dangerous for a diabetic child to receive the mist!. Tristan received the vaccine. Unfortunately, not enough for second dose.

I don't understand why your CDE is saying to get the mist and our team was very adamant that Tristan not receive the mist. Most D-mom that I speak with were also given the same information.... no mist!

Lora said...

Justin had the mist.
I was under the impression that we should do the shot, but my doctor assured me it was fine. Though I was nervouse... I agreed.
It has been ABOUT a month ago now and we are fine. Also, I have not been sick even though I did not get it.
Hope that helps.

Wendy said...

Addy got the FluMist inadvertently a couple years ago....for the 24 hours following, we had THE WORST time with low blood sugars. I couldn't find any information about the effect of the mist on blood sugars, but it was a pretty scary 24 hours....I'm talking LOW low....like hanging in the 40's despite 150 carbs!!!!! I thought we were going to have to go to the ER, but then she finally climbed to over 100 and only dipped under 80 a couple times despite eating ilke a maniac and only getting insulin for half of it.

Her blood sugars were SO COMPLETELY crazy that I could ONLY attribute it to the mist....come on, we had been at this for over 2 years at that point...and we had NEVER experienced low blood sugars like that -- even at dx!!!!!

Anyway, when it comes to immunization questions/concerns, I always refer to the CDC website. Keep in mind that the manufacturer is trying to make money...the CDC is interested in protecting the health of society as a whole.



Meri said...

Ease your mind, and if you can, go with the shot. If you HAVE to get the mist...it will be ok. Everthing works out in the end.

Follow your gut! It is usually right!

Kathy Groenbeck said...

Kaitlyn got the seasonal flu mist but got the h1n1 shot. I had heard the same about the live virus. Her endo wanted her to get the h1n1 as soon as possible so it was the shot that we could get 1st. Kaitlyn also has asthma so it was better for the shot the h1n1.
Don't worry you will make the right decision.

Tracy said...

We also have heard that the D kids should not get the mist. I think it is interesting that there is so much mixed messaging out there.

I am sure which ever decision you end up making will work out fine in the end.

Good luck!

Jill said...

OK...my Momma gut has been flipped inside out and turned upside down!

When I got to the school this morning, I spoke with the RN that was in charge of doing the H1N1 vaccines. She explained to me that they've been instructed that anyone with a chronic illness (diabetes, asthma, you know the ones.....) they are advised to give them the SHOT, not the mist. She said she doesn't know why we were instructed to get the mist. She asked me if Kacey gets the regular flu vaccine in the shot or mist. I explained to her that we've always gotten the shots because the thought of a live virus sprayed up a nose scares the hell outta me! Our regular PCP insisted on the regular flu SHOT, not mist. So she told me that if she was me, she'd choose the shot for Kacey. I also asked her about the 21 day thing and she said that Kacey will be no more exposed in school than she would be walking through Walmart or the grocery store. So that made my decision! Kacey was insisting she wanted the shot....LOL go figure....a kid WANTS a shot vs. something up their nose...haha! So I went to Kaceys class and told her she'd be getting the shot and not the mist. Yeah, I'm still a ball of nerves but I'll be ok.

Thanks everyone for letting me know! It makes me feel better knowing that you all have had experience with mist and shots. (((HUGS)))

LakeLady said...

DHMH in MD is NOT giving the mist to any children with T1D! The mist is being given ONLY to those with NO chronic illness. I would say NO!

Shamae said...

Syd's doc says he recommends the shot because it is no a live virus where the mist is. Good luck with your decision!

Amy said...

Hey Jill! Jada's dr. wouldn't give her the mist, so she had the shot about a week and a half ago. She got along just fine. Now, last year, her pediatrician in Tulsa gave her the mist for the seasonal flu, and we had bad numbers for a few days afterwards and I wasn't about to go that route again.
Try not to worry! This H1N1 thing has been so confusing!

Hallie said...

We did the shot. Avery's endo and ped both said NO MIST. I didn't want to expose her to the live virus when she picks up every little thing. We DID keep her home for 10 days after the shot so she could build up some immunity. This was on the advice of my doctor. And we had H1N1 going around our school. She had ZERO side effects from the shot. We gave the mist and the shot here at school. We had NO problems with kids getting sick because some (most) got the mist. Avery was in class with kids who got the mist ( and they're 3 and put everything in their mouths) and was fine. Really, we didn't have anyone get sick thru mist exposure. Go with your gut. I was sick worrying about it, too.

Anonymous said...

We were instructed to only do the shot, which was difficult with the shortage in our area.

Kate got the shot, but brother Will is going to get the mist. We were told that he shouldn't get the mist the same day as her -- so we are waiting 2 weeks for him to get the mist so she has time to build immunity.


AjsMommy82 said...

Glad you went for the shot!!! We were told NO MIST too!

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

I wrote two posts about this:

1. why we're vaccinating: http://www.multimindingmom.com/2009/11/diabetes-and-vaccinating-against-h1n1.html

2. What I found out after personally asking questions to the pediatrician for the CDC:

We did the injection for everyone in our family. Both kids have had two doses.