Friday, November 13, 2009

History Making Nor'easter

As most of you already know, we just made it through a history making Nor'easter here in Virginia. Being on the coast has it's up's & down's. This just happened to be one of those down moments. We almost made it through the entire hurricane season without any damage or floods. Yesterday, the tides started to rise and because of the high winds, they were not falling like they should have. Back in 2003, we survived Hurricane Isabel but our house flooded in one room. That room steps down and the water lacked about 2 inches from going through my entire house. The room at that time was my girls playroom. They were still sharing a bedroom and we used that room for all their toys and games. There was 7 inches of water in that room! When we heard this storm was being compared to the flooding we had with Isabel, my heart sank! That room is now Kacey's bedroom. We started putting things up and making sure nothing was laying on the floor that would get ruined. I was glued to the TV, watching every moment and preparing for the worst. By 7am yesterday morning, this is what we were seeing....

We could see that the field next to ours was flooding. I figured it was just rain water because we're about a mile from the rivers. It was raining so hard with no let up and I just thought it was from all of that. Over the next few hours, we watched the water flood across the road down there. That house down at the end is my neighbor's and they said the tide was coming up and it was about a foot deep in some places in their yard.
I checked the yard at 9pm and I really couldn't see anything because of the dark. There was really nothing we could do but prepare for the worst by that point. Kacey slept in the living room, just in case the waters came up. I finally dozed off somewhere around 10-11pm. My alarm went off for me to do Kacey's blood sugar check at 2am and the winds were far worse than they'd been. I did her check and peeked outside again and still couldnt see anything. I knew high tide would be rolling in between 4-5am. I went on back to sleep and when I woke up at 6am.....this is what I walked out to.....

Sticks and mess that was left by flood water in my front yard
Frankie's truck.....and MY YARD...which was now....A RIVER!!!

The further pic above looking down my driveway was now THIS.... water across the road

Frankie's dog pens were underwater! Thankfully he put his dogs in the back of his truck last night when we knew it was getting bad.
This shows where the tide came up and across my yard. My house is to the right which flooded right under my house!!

We've got alot of mess to clean up but it's still too nasty to be out there. It's still raining and the tide has gone down but we're left with a mess of debris and stuff blown all over the yard to clean up.
I'm thankful that it didn't come IN the house this time!


Shamae said...

Wow that is crazy flooding!! Glad you guys are safe!!

Colleen said...

Oh, ick! What a mess! Glad you're all safe and dry.

Meri said...

I'm so glad the house stayed dry! Your poor yard! It is unbelievable!

Glad your safe, and together!

Hallie said...

Good Grief! I'm glad you are all ok! How scary!

Wendy said...


I'm so glad you guys are ok!!!! I've been thinking about you and praying that everything was ok.

My mom nearly lost her home, thanks to Isabel in 2003. They dealt with damage and muck for MONTHS following that mess.

Maybe living in the desert has some perks? But I still miss leaves.